How to Keep the Sick Kid Comfy


Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. All thoughts, opinions and boogers can be attributed to someone with my DNA. I’m a big fan of the Universe and don’t believe in coincidences, you guys already know this.

So, a few weeks ago, the Frog Princess’s dad had the sniffles and then proceeded to share the germs.

Sure enough, the Frog Princess started with the runny nose but the Universe had already accommodated my needs. You see, I had a package waiting to be opened by the door.

I’ve seen Boogie Wipes and had used them when the Frog Princess was a baby. It wasn’t until I rolled up into her pediatrician’s office a few months back that they came back to mind. They had these in the waiting area and I know they get good use out of them.

We had about 5 days of runny noses. Of course, those 5 days were also filled with fever watches.

We didn’t have any fevers (YAY!) and my girl found a product she loves. After harsh nose wiping at school all day, she’d get home to me with the signature red nose. As soon as we got home she’d ask if she could get her Boogie Wipes.

She’s a grape fiend when it comes to scents and flavors so I just knew she’d take to the Grape-scented wipes. Surprisingly enough, I found her digging the fresh scent as well.

What’s In Those Things?

Well, the thing I love about Boogie Wipes (other than the obvious superpower of cleaning up boogers) is that they have all-natural saline. Not only is it hypoallergenic but it means that it soothes baby girl’s nose.

You know what else it does? It handles that crust situation that happens in their nose.

Side note: can we talk for a minute? Can’t they feel dried up snot on the side of their face? Is this not something that they realize? HOW SWAY?

Okay, I’m back. I know it sounds crazy to be in love with an inanimate object. But while the kid is sick, I have enough to worry about making sure the kid doesn’t seize. Things like a wipe that will keep her comfortable and less miserable is a big thing to me.

I’m considering sending a stack of these to her class. I think the other kids will love them as much she does. And maybe they’ll all stop walking around with boogers on their face. Win win, amirite?

They should put these on the school supply list!

Have you tried these? I’ll give you an incentive to do so, getchu one of these coupons for $.50 off and put this on your shopping list today!

Confession: I’ve been using the Boogie Wipes too. Because far be it for kids to keep their germs to themselves.