Week One Feels


I'm sitting here trying my best to hold it all together. It's taken me probably, 38 hours to put up this post. Like it's legit written a sentence here, a sentence there because full thoughts are only slightly possible. I feel like we should start with "dear diary, it's been 4 days and x number of hours since the new administration took over".

I have hit backspace way too many times because a post that's filled with WTF written out 300 times seemed counter productive.

I don't know why I am here. To uplift you? To give you hope? Yeah, I'm not entirely sure I'm built for that these days. We have had some amazing conversations over on Facebook (feel free to follow though I'm curating the hell out of my space at the moment and might not accept a friend request. Also: I'm starting to share more of this on the FB page so, follow that too).

I've been accused of being militant and being angry. I am shying away from neither one of those definitions. I would write out the number of executive actions that have been signed but I'm sure by the time I hit publish, it would have changed.

The truth of the matter is, we have a problem. And I don't know how to unpack it or where to begin.

I'm holding these spaces and it seems surreal. I still have to work. I still have to put on the table (figuratively and literally), I have to juggle this blog (hiiiii!), the planners (have y'all grabbed yours yet? #sideeye), creating strategy for Our Digital Disruption because it is necessary, parenting and attempting to actually have a few hours every week where I am in contact with human adults. Like in the same physical space.

But as I go about my day, which is already filled with a lot of lifting up as MomsRising advocates for moms and families in this country, I have to somehow filter the shitstorm of breaking news that already seems to be normalize. You guise!!!!!! WTF?!?

The generally feeling in the pit of my stomach at this very moment is to assume the fetal position and pray to Black Jesus with a jheri curl that we be covered.

Today's executive action on immigration is absolutely sickening. The gag orders on government agencies are ludicrous (I won't tell you how many tries it took me to change that from Ludacrist). And the rapid fire way in which information is being shared is mind boggling.

But you know what? We have to keep going. Find our focus and get it together because we are all we have. I don't have pretty pictures. I don't even have a main idea for this post. But I wanted to put it up because I know I am not the only one feeling this way and if we hold each other up, we let other do some of the lifting and allow ourselves the space to feel overwhelmed, care for one another and then get up and fight another day, I think we are going to come out of this better than we were.

Crazy, eh? I believe in you. I believe in us. Do you believe that? Let's get to work. If you haven't signed on to Our Digital Disruption, I'd love it if you would head on over. We will be moving and mobilizing soon and I'd love to have you on board. My goal is to help with the overwhelm. Our goal is to stand together so, if you're about that life, check it out. And if you haven't signed up for this here newsletter, I need you to do that to. Things are changing a bit and it is my intent to help you and hold space for you, as best I can, in as many spaces as I can.

I am practicing self-care tonight by not cooking. And reading a bunch of books with the Frog Princess so we can reach our #YearofBooks goal.

How about you? How are you holding up?