I Write A Poem

I write a poem and it's for you. It speaks of the love that you gaveOf the power of words and the lives it can save

I write a poem and the words are true I write a poem and it's all for you

A poem of sorrow of weight and refrain A poem of hunger and how joy can sustain

I write a poem of love, of a poem that's true A poem of loss, a poem of you

Did you know I could write a poem? Did you know I can play with a verse? I can mold words like play doh. Throw them around like a curse

I can make you feel joy in your heart I can get in your mind and tear you apart

My words have the power to make you smile Or carry the weight of your actions a mile

They can remind you of a time way back when Or send you off to the future and hope for the "then"

I can give you chills that you've never known Make you sow the seeds that you've never sown

I can bring ideas to the top of your head Make you think they're your own when they're mine instead

I write a poem and all these words are true I bet you think this poem's about you

© 2012

(did you know that I'm a poet at heart? I started writing in elementary school.  Have a little trophy somewhere to prove it too.  Want to read more? You should check out my bookstore and look for A Poem In His Name under adult books. Read it and tell me what you think. Ok?)