New Year New Mami!

Here we are: new year, new mami!  And by new I mean the same ol' fabulous me with some pretty awesome attitude and drive (and wearing real pants on a regular basis).  Add to that a little color in my hair tomorrow and hopefully a wax in my near future and what you end up with is: mami swagger 2012! I'm pretty pumped about all things great this year. How about you?  I'm sorry I haven't posted since last year but I wanted to make sure that my first post of the year would give you a progress report on how I am doing on my mamilutions.  I couldn't do that on the first but now that I've allowed an acceptable amount of time to pass, I must say, they are coming along nicely!

I have been wearing non-yoga pants for days now. It's the longest I've gone without them since I've been at home. I mean I wear them for a little while but, I don't just hang out with them all day long like I used to way back in the day (read: 2011).  I am aiming to up the ante tomorrow and wear shoes from the mami collection which require me to carry a sense of "damn girl!" right along with them.  We'll see how that goes.

Today I finished my first book of 2012!  Granted, it may have been like 12 pages but, who's counting? I have decided to go back and  cross them off my Mami Reads: 2012 list so you better check back regularly for progress.  Yesterday I let the kid sit on my back while I bounced up and down on the bed.  I definitely consider that both aerobic exercise AND weight training seeing she is 31 pounds.  So, working out: CHECK!

I totally take regular breaks to check out Pinterest and consider this part of my "job" as a blogger since I do find some ideas in there. So, CHECK!  Which reminds me, I need to get back on Pinterest so that I can find the perfect picture of gardenias for my tattoo. Stay tuned for that check along with pictures.

I'm on a straight up roll! I think I should really slow down so I don't get my mamilutions complete by my birthday in March. I mean, what would I do for the rest of the year, you know?

How's your list of mamilutions coming along?