If Dominican Were a Color...

If Dominican Were a Color... ...It would be the sunset in the sky blazing red and burning bright ...The shade of cinnamon in your cocoa, skin so soft it drives you loco

...My grandma's eyes honey brown with mahogany skin ...My other grandma's yellow tint like mine has been

If Dominican were a color... ...It would be the shades of blue in the sunrise's hue ...The Haitian black on my Dominican back

...The deep green tints that carry the palm tree shades, the memories in your head that never fade ...The neutral browns that color our lips, the cafe con leche that everyone sips

...It's the color of merengue hips swaying when I walk, the "no you didn't" head and hands moving when I talk ...It's the way my words shape in my mouth it's the color they might not know in the south

...It's the curls and kinks that blend my hair it's the straightness of my glare ...The one that's mixed and blended and shaped, partly out of love and partly out of rape


...The color of the ocean in the night, with the moon beaming down rays of sheer delight ...It's the color of the slaves that no one sees, who built the country but got no keys

...It's lovemaking on the beach it's the student learning how to teach ...It's movement, passion, tenderness and glee, it's all those things that make me, me.

...You'll have to watch my every move and check out my sensual groove ...The way I kiss the way love, the way I fight and all the above.

...It would redefine the palette that we know, and it would surely put on a hell of a show ...I can't do it justice, I just can't compare you'll just have to notice, but make sure you don't stare.

...It could be you, it could be me you never know, just wait and see ...Just never ask what it is that I am, if you don't wanna give a damn

© 2003

Today is Dominican Independence Day and while I am a proud American, there's always a certain level of excitement around this day. Is it the yummy food I'm smelling? Or perhaps all of the great songs my friends share on social media that take me back to my childhood. Regardless, I wrote this 11 years ago that still rings true.