I’m a Niche Mommy

Greetings and salutations from Nawlin’s! It has been a whirlwind week and an eventful few days. For the first time in…ever, I’m giving you a short post.

Why, you ask? Well, I’m trying to make some headway on this final paper seeing as it is due on Sunday and I fly out on connecting flights at the ass crack of dawn and may not be entirely coherent when I get home to do all this work. Also, I plan on spending my Sunday cuddling, hugging and kissing the frog princess. Suddenly, I have a very ridiculous mama bear need to have her in my arms. Perhaps it’s the awesome Britax products on display here at the conference that are making this happen.

This morning I had a chance to listen to Ted Rubin (@TedRubin) speak passionately about return on relationships (#RonR). It’s great to find someone who understands this. A while ago I added “relationship management” to my resume because I feel very strongly that, at the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to. Organic, authentic relationships that you can build on and expand upon with time.

This afternoon I had a chance to eat some wonderful food and participate in a lunch time discussion about women leaders in technology led by Kate Berg, president of Collective Bias.

And now? I want to desperately be in the next session hearing my Twitter friend @MamaDweeb speak but instead, I’m being responsible and hitting up my class discussion boards so that I am not dinged for lack of participation and making some headway on this 10-page paper. I wish I could throw caution to the wind and just soak up all of this information that can only ever be found when you are face-to-face with your bloggy friends. But alas, I wouldn’t be a Niche Mommy if I ignored my responsibilities and just did what my heart desired.

Right now, it’s totally desiring a nap. Especially because it’s raining softly outside. But I won’t. I’ll be sure to take awesome pics for you all (if I remember). Head on over to Twitter and Instagram to follow all of my shenanigans.

Til next time, I leave you with the view from my window. I want to take more pics of that church. Isn’t it beautiful?


Bon après-midi!