Just Blog, Heifer!

One of my bloggy friends recently mentioned that there was a "bloggy boycott" day or something to that effect. I thought it was funny because I feel like that's me every day! I mentioned that we should, instead, have a "just blog, heifer!" day! So here we are. Monday is Just Blog, heifer (or Heifer, just blog!) day.  And by Monday I mean whenever you damn well feel like it or get around to it.

1. We know that you are working hard and work is stressful but, just blog, heifer! 2. I understand that the laundry is piling up and the dishes are dirty but, just blog, heifer! 3. I know you think you've had a rough week (even though it's only Monday) and what would you blog about so why even bother to blog but, just blog, heifer! 4. Sometimes, we think we don't have anything to say but, just blog, heifer!

We, who love to write, love to make excuses for not writing. I know this because I can give you an excuse for every day of the week and two on Sunday. I almost didn't write this post! Why you ask? Because I wanted to do a vlog on it and I didn't get a chance to do it on Friday or Saturday so I figured I wouldn't do it because by the time I did, it would be Monday night and then the day would be over, yada, yada, yada. So, I had to look in the mirror and say: just blog, heifer!  I will have an official Monday blog tonight but I wanted you to get this info early so you don't have any excuses.

Don't wait until you find the right image to fit your blog. Don't wait until something happens that you think is worth writing about. Don't wait until you buy that domain name or clear up your office so you can act like you're Carrie at your desk. If you have something to say, just say it! If it is in your heart to share something, do it! Get out of your own way and let the creative process flow. Tomorrow is not promised and if you feel as if you have something to say then, guess what? It's probably because you have something to share with the world! The world needs you! I need you! If you're not around then it means I only have myself to look in the mirror and say: just blog, heifer!

I look forward to reading all of your blogs, heifers!

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