Love Letter to My Frog Princess

My dearest Frog Princess,

It is the summer of your 9th year and the summer of my initiation as an olorisha.

The other night, I felt an overwhelming sense of love for you and I just had to jot these words down. The feeling has not left me.

You see, you have been growing like a weed, as they say. But these last month or so especially, I have noticed so much about you. Not only physically (though ohemgee why is my baby not itty bitty anymore) but, mentally and spiritually.

You are coming into your own in so many ways. I have seen your confidence (that maybe some call sass) flourish and I am so happy to see you stepping into the human being that you will be for the rest of your life.

There have been many conversations, as usual. But lately, you are keen on showing me how observant you are by your many breakdowns of thoughts and situations. I enjoy this so very much. I enjoy seeing the glint in your eyes. The matter-of-fact way in which you deliver hard truths that folks sometimes don't even get as adults.

Elena Post FB.png

Pride and Challenges

I am proud of the way you have worked hard this past year. Proud of the hard lessons we had to learn when you encountered a teacher that was less than ideal (manipulative and uninspiring are 2 words that come to mind). I watch you often and wonder about the kind of young woman you will become.

I wonder about how my words impact you now and will impact you in the future. When we have our nighttime convos, you've taken to calling them speeches. But, can I just say how much I love the smile of anticipation on your face when I get on whatever rant you've led me to? Your questions are so insightful, even when I know they're sometimes just excuses to delay bedtime.

This is not to say that things have been without challenges. You've had to deal with some BIG changes in your small world and it took us traveling recently for me to realize that you didn't necessarily take those changes in stride and that you've been "acting out". Of course, not in any way what I would've previously defined that term but I certainly see how you being put in a position to have to share spaces that have been exclusively yours for the entirety of your life have caused you to react in unexpected ways.

More lessons. This has been a year full of them, right?

Love and Growth

How I wish that I could shield you from less than ideal situations. I am not perfect but I know with every fiber of my being that protecting you, your space and your heart are always in the forefront of my spirit. I also know that moments such as these can be defining. Especially for a girl on the cusp of double digits and looking straight ahead into the teen years. All I can do is guide you, show you right from wrong and continue to encourage you to speak your truths and be true to your heart.

We have finally finished the Harry Potter series. I am going to admit here that I was glad to have been looking away from you as we listened to the amazing Jim Dale narrate so superbly. You see, There were plenty of times when I silently broke down in tears. There are a lot of reasons for that and most, I won't discuss here. So many final moments, so many ends and so many new beginnings.

At the end you said "I loved and hated that book so much!" You have been beside yourself with what I know is the grief you will feel when you've read a great . Then, you came back to me, hugged me, told me you loved me and said "thank you so much for introducing me to that book."

Introducing you to books is just one of my jobs. I pray that I’ve introduced you to new experiences with travel, new thought processes with the conversations we engage in and new ways to love both yourself and others.

I’m proud of you and the young lady you are becoming and I feel honored to walk down this path with you, hand in hand.

From here to the sun and back times infinity.