Filling a Need: Prescription Savings Card

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There’s never a dull moment at Casa Recio. After years of advocating for my family and myself, I’m still learning!

A couple of months back, I had a glitch when filling my prescription. I was given the generic of my birth control and it wasn’t working exactly as it needed to.

Of course, I didn’t realize this until AFTER I picked up my 3-month supply and started taking the meds. I went to the doctor to follow up and she called in my script with strict instructions that it not be replaced by the generic. This was great except we had a problem. I couldn’t take back the pack that I’d already opened, though I could take back the 2 other unopened packets.

Thing was, my insurance had already paid for that one prescription and, based on the timeframes for coverage, I would be “off” one month at all times which meant that if I wanted to take the brand name script, I’d have to pay out of pocket for at least one month until the whole thing caught up with the insurance coverage.

You ever come across something and then want to slap yourself for not knowing about it earlier?

I am slightly salty that I didn’t find out about Inside Rx until AFTER that experience. It’s a prescription savings card that would’ve saved me at least half the cost of my birth control for the months when there was no overlap with my insurance.

Once I heard about it, I had to tell EVERYONE so, here I am. I know people that are uninsured and in need of expensive, lifesaving medications. I’ve sat on the phone with them and searched for manufacturer’s coupons or special codes. I’m glad I now can offer this option to people in need. And it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Go to

  2. Print the card, send it to yourself via email or text or simply download on your phone

  3. Head to the pharmacy to get your prescription filled and show them the Inside Rx card*

    *Use is subject to eligibility restrictions and other terms and conditions at  Discounts vary.  Inside Rx is not insurance


    Oh and, here’s a bonus if you’re like me and need to know all the things before you get to the pharmacy.

  4. Price out your meds! 

I love that you don’t have to mess around with signing up or waiting for anything in the mail. No sharing of personal information; just click to go to cards and voila! Oh, and this little tidbit: it’s FREE! 


Oh and, do you notice a certain little something? That’s right! You get a discount card for pets! As you all know Chico Mendes has been under the weather and, while I don’t wish to add to the load by having to give him meds, if the need arises, it’s there! And again, the search function is a great tool to use while you’re at your vet’s so you have a quick way to compare before you purchase the medications you need. The Inside Rx Pets card can be used for discounts on select human medications that are commonly prescribed for pets.  Read more at

In 2017, there were 27.4 million uninsured (non-elderly) people in the U.S. Prescription savings cards are important to all those who can’t afford coverage because sometimes, people go without their medications due to cost.

Inside Rx is not health insurance, but with users saving an average of 78% on generic medications and 37% on select brand medications using the card, Inside Rx seems like a no-brainer.

And let me say this again: IT’S FREEEEEEE!

Some restrictions do apply but, you can check them out quickly and clearly right on the site.

I’m hoping this helps folks that are looking to offset the cost of much-needed medications.