Making Memories With Hallmark


Disclosure: it's hot in Florida and I am desperately trying to get into the holiday spirit. Hallmark provided me with items for this post as well as the Christmas magic that's about to explode in my household. I am not in the holiday spirit. The high tomorrow will be 85 degrees and that's only because Tom Terry refused to put in the 87 degrees that they predicted, citing that it's December. I love that man. Thanks, Tom! You see my dilemma, right? I'm supposed to drink hot cocoa while dressing my tree. Since the weather is not helping, I've come up with some neat ways to get myself into the spirit. The  first place I go? Hallmark, of course!

Are You There Santa? Come in!

Hallmark_CommunicatorI got a little giddy when I saw this beauty. It has been resting for the right moment to make it's appearance. With thanksgiving, birthday celebrations and all that jazz at the end of November, I always have to trickle out the goodies. In the morning, we will tune in to Santa! It will be a special treat since we had to use the magical elf recovery kit on Yandelina yesterday (don't ask). The frog princess has been wanting to interact with Santa  a little more and I think this is the perfect build up to our visit (she has not met him yet!). With this awesome looking retro communicator, you can dial in to the North Pole each day, from December 1st through Christmas, one of many North Pole characters, including Santa, will come in loud and clear.


Hallmark_Christmas_CardsNothing says Christmas like cards to me. I normally collect them and show them off then pack them away for next year. It's great to look back and see some of the great messages sent from the year before. You know how much I love a handwritten card. As usual, my biggest problem is that after I buy them, I tend to not want to send them out because the cards are so beautiful. Is that wrong?

Keepsake Books!

Hallmark_SantaI fell in love with the collection last year and this time around, I get to share a brand new story with the frog princess: Santa and the Christmas Eve Flight! When you read this story aloud, Santa chimes in with a special question or choice for your child to make. Your answer will trigger an appropriate response from Santa and help the big guy on his Christmas Eve trip around the world. Um...YEAH! This reminds me of our Bell plush and storybook (which we still interact with and read, by the way). This book is sure to get you into the spirit if you aren't already there!


Hallmark_Like_MotherYou know the frog princess picks one keepsake ornament every year. I'm trying to figure out which one will be her favorite when we trim the tree. I'm guessing she will want me to get her Sebastian since The Little Mermaid is her new favorite thing. Or maybe the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Personally, I'd like Disco Ball Mike OR...are you ready for this? Rainbow Brite! I already kinda got the Yoda one too. I'm really wondering if I can just skip the balls and decorate in these ornaments. I could do it! Or maybe this year, I won't let her pick and will choose Like Mother, Like Daughter. Seriously folks? Tell me that isn't precious? Of course, I will probably have to bring home each. and. every. princess for her this year. But I don't mind. As long as I sneak this Mockingjay ornament in for myself. The thing I love about Hallmark is that I make memories. Beautiful, sweet memories. Whether I'm sending out a handwritten card (that you might get late, by the way. What do they say about the thought?), bringing home the magic of the season with special messages from Santa or adding an ornament to our collection that I hope she will share with her kids, the bottom line is that I am creating memories with my girl. Sweet, beautiful memories that will be imprinted in our hearts for years to come. And I am always happy that Hallmark gives me the tools to help make that happen.

The Giveaway

Here it is, short and sweet tell me, do you have any traditions in your family around trimming the tree or ornaments? Enter to win a North Pole Communicator and an assortment of cards.

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Disclosure: I was provided a communicator, ornament, assorted cards Keepsake book to review. All opinions and love of Hallmark are purely my own.