Four Means More!

My frog princess is FOUR! FOUR, y'all! Do you know what that means? She's like a big girl. When did this happen and more importantly, why didn't I get the memo?! As is our tradition, Disney was on tap for her birthday.

The Big Day


We went with the Magic Kingdom as I wanted her to see princesses for real. We were in line to see Cinderella and Aurora and she whispered to me "Mami, there are princesses just like me!". Um YEAH!

Cinderella, Aurora, Belle and Merida were on tap for the day. Add in some rides and lunch and my child told me she was done around 2:30 p.m. so, no Snow White, Ariel, Tiana or Rapunzel on this trip. Thankfully, we just got annual passes and will be back!

The Royal Soiree

PrincessTurns4Her birthday party was set for Sunday and we went back to Amaya Papaya because, hello? It makes my life easier. I remember that first year when I pulled out my spreadsheet and did calculations for the party. Having our soirees there makes sense not just from a financial perspective but from a time perspective as well. I love being able to tell Yolonda what I want and then she just magically puts it all together for us. It's amazeballs, I tell ya! The kids had a great time and the adults had a blast watching all of the kids interact.

I had some stressful moments with not having the platters in place and an issue with the favors. But, Yolonda handled the favors situation for me beautifully which allowed me to relax a little. If you were at the party, though, you may have noticed I was out of sorts. Charge it to my OCD and not my heart, please.

The Yummies

I don't know if I told you this but, a few month ago the frog princess came to me and shared that she wanted cupcakes (specifically) for her birthday. I believe it was after she had one of the Gigi's Cupcakes that I brought back from a conference. Of course, the wonderful folks at Gigi's created some great looking and great tasting cupcakes that were not just a big hit with the kids but went great with the decorations. I want to go back and get the mini cupcakes for Mami (sshhh, don’t tell her!).

Cupcakes and Cake


All in all it was a great weekend. I was reminded of my own 4th birthday. A big bash that took place in the Dominican Republic. It’s the first party I remember and I certainly hope that the frog princess will remember hers. She is this completely amazing human being and every day I feel blessed and grateful that she calls me Mami. I look forward to all of what four will bring. More laughter, more games, more play, more learning and of course, more talking.

What's the first birthday that you can recall?