Mami Drives: Mazda CX-5

Disclosure: I was provided with this vehicle in order to review it. However, it didn't leave me enough time to really truly appreciate it. I think I need like a year. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I had the great pleasure of driving the machine of the future. And I was pleasantly surprised to have found a Mazda emblem on it. Mazda snuck up on me before and it has done it once again.

You know the car is amazing when the blogging child proclaims "this is the best car ever!" and "Mami, you're keeping it, righ?". Sadly, Frog Princess, I cannot keep it. At least not yet.

The CX-5 has made it to my short list of next SUV in my life. Why? Where do I begin?

It's roomy: I have a small SUV now and while the CX-5 lined up with it, there seemed to be more room in this one.

SkyActiv Technology: I told you guys about this before but I really dig the lighter engine. I never thought I'd say that but what it boils down to for us? Better mileage. And I don't know about you but, I like the idea of saving money on gas.

Mazda Connect: I felt a little like I was sitting at the helm of the USS Enterprise. This suite of infotainment technologies is displayed through a seven-inch color touchscreen that rocked my world. I liked the commander control knobs because it made me feel like this car was still honoring my old school while providing me with the new school my life is all about.

I loved driving in this thing. And can we mention how pretty it is? I wouldn't be so shallow as to purchase a vehicle just for the way it looked BUT getting all of the awesome that this vehicle provides AND then having it be sexy eye candy on the road?! Yes please!