Mami Goes to Disney

I got a little pixie dust in my inbox a while back. I was very surprised by it. My friends had started to get pixie dusted and I am always ridiculously ecstatic for them. You might be asking: what is pixie dust? It's an email with this header:


That means you've been invited to attend a really cool conference for social media-minded moms and dads. It's happening this week folks. This. Week.

You know how much I love Disney.

Don't you?

Don't you?!?

I was super humbled to have received the invite. I have no idea how the attendees are selected but I recall being ecstatic last year for all of my friends that would be attending. This year, I'm ecstatic that I'll get to see my friends and their families (some of them for the first time evah!).

It's bittersweet because...Mother's Day. But I think it's going to be lovely.

This has been a tough weekend. The Frog Princess had a febrile seizure on Saturday morning and we had to take a trip to the ER. We await further instructions for a neurology appointment and what I am sure will be a battery of tests and a plethora of waiting. I'm completely off kilter but surprisingly focused. Which is good. We made it almost 2 years between seizures. I think that's a success, all things considered.

I had beautiful plans of lists and packing and reorganizing the house so that when I returned to my abode on Sunday, I'd have given myself the one gift I am desperately in need of: a terribly organized home.

Alas, that is not to happen. Because I'm tired of driving myself nuts and attempting to do impossible things all at once. Right now, I'm focused on being an awesome Mami. And procuring the exact copy of my mouse ears because the Frog Princess wants her own pair. And figuring out how to juggle timelines before then and making it to the Derby Soiree between Frog Princess fun and then back for dinner.

These are the days, right?

I'm looking forward to connecting with all the great blogger friends that will be attending and meeting some new friends.

In the meantime, I'm going to talk a lot about Disney this week. It's part of my story so, I hope you won't mind. Come back now, ya-hear?

Here I am, holding up the world, as usual!