Mami Moment: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Dare I say it?  I think this "Just blog,heifer!" movement that I started to motivate myself is working!  This is my 4th blog in as many days and I am astounded! Why you ask? Because all I want right now is my bed (and possibly a glass of wine)! This is a hodgepodge of thoughts.  Thinking I wanted to vlog tonight but, not having concrete thoughts in my head. Thinking about how awesome my frog princess is! Thinking about the fact that I had a good day at work today.  About the powerful prayer call this morning that moved me to tears and the gratefulness in my heart that I am connected to so many women of God that can hold me up when I am down.  Thinking about the fact that the dog needs to be walked (ugh!).

I did an impulsive thing today.  Without even balancing my budget, I registered for Bloggy Boot Camp! I can't believe I did that. Usually, I don't make rash decisions but I figured this would be equal to me buying a purse on sight. Except that I hope to get a lot more out of this conference than anyone would out of a purse.  Add to that the fact that a) my cousin who I have become VERY close to in the last few months and whom I've never met lives there AND b) one of my BFF's owes me a trip and she is from Atlanta and thus has already marked her calendar for this date and you can see why I'm all crazy with excitement.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am able to take that Friday off from work.  Not sure what the plans are but, seriously, I'm tired of planning.  I plan for a living.  I make sure things are on schedule for the better part of my life.  I am quickly learning that I need to simply trust that things will work out and GO WITH IT! I told my cousin this week that for the rest of the year, I want to have a type B personality (don't ask me what that is but, I figured it wouldn't be type A).

I want to go with the flow.  Chill out.  Go on vacation (I haven't been on one since March of '08!). Take care of myself! Not worry.  Hit the beach (often!).  Hug more.  Judge less. Love more. Remember less.  I want to enjoy my life. Help others.  Lend a hand whenever I can.  Pray for those that need it.  Forgive the ones that may have hurt me.  Endure the things that cannot be helped.  Demand to be respected.  Speak to those that are willing to listen and listen to those that speak.  I want to laugh.  To be joyful.  To prepare for what is in store for me.  To be humbled by my blessings.  To be open to criticism.  To be happy.  To be content.

All of these thing I want.  I realized after some powerful prayers today that, it is okay for me to dream again.  It is okay for me to want and demand and expect.  I just need to be sure I'm looking in the right direction.  And only then will all things be bright and beautiful...


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