Mami Moments: Home Again!

I was out of town last week hanging out with my hispanicals in Miami for the most awesome Hispanicize event! It was a blast but I will tell you, I missed my frog princess. It seems that every time I leave to a conference when I return, this child is bigger, smarter and cuter. Am I the only one this happens to?

It reminded me how quickly time is passing by. How fast she is growing as I try to grasp the moments in my already fading memory.

Will I remember these sweet moments? Will I remember how she grabs my face and gives me kisses to change my focus when I'm trying to lecture her?  Will the memory of her smile fade away with the passing of time?

How about when she says something that I have no idea where it came from? "Baby girl, what are you doing?" "not-ting mami."  Last week she was on one of her phones and she was walking around talking. When I hear "Hi 'buela. Oh, it's nice to see you!"  Will I forget those sweet moments when you break curfew or slam your first door?

Tonight I looked at her in her bed (don't look now but, I may no longer be co-sleeping). I realized that she may not be in that bed much longer and remembered a time when she was on that same mattress as an infant and she looked like a little island in the middle of the sea.

I am thankful and grateful for so much.  This past week I made great connections and hopefully some long term friendships. I got to recenter myself as I spent a little time thinking about the road ahead and my goals in the near future.

But this past week reminded me of the passing of time.  Of how much this one little person has changed my life. Changed my being.

No party will ever compare, no gathering will ever take her place.  I drove home on Friday because I could not wait to hold her in my arms.  And though I had a wonderful time and came back with loads to do in the coming weeks, it is good to be home again and have my frog princess in my arms.

What do you do to remember the little special moments?


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