Mami Mondays: 30,000-Foot View

I'm flying over the middle of the country (I think). Headed to California for some biznazz. There are a gazillion things that must be handled. But I'm taking a moment to write down these thoughts right quick because if I don't, the moment will pass and I'll forget. The travel adventures have begun and as if I couldn't escape the knock at the door at home, I've already been handed a bible pamphlet by my seatmate. I know I need Jesus but, is it that apparent? That's another conversation for another day, though.

I've had a lot on my mind lately. About what I truly need in order to be about life, liberty and the pursuit of maminess. Sitting by the clouds today, has solidified my foundation on moving forward.


One of my biggest mantras with my daughter is that she will be who I am, she will allow what I allow, she will stand for what I stand. I have been short changing myself lately. Out of a sense of duty. Out of an unwarranted hope. And I realize now, sitting here, missing my girl that we both deserve better.

The 30,000-foot view has clear blue skies, a rising sun that's bright and full of promise. It has truth and honesty. To and from those around me and most importantly to myself.

One of the beauties of still being alive is that at any given point in time you can stand and say "this will change" "I will take a different direction" "it starts now". As long as we have breath in our lungs we have the ability to be a better version of ourselves. All we have to do is stand in our decision, say the words and live by them. What's that agreement? Be impeccable with your word? I'm a firm believer in that but, I'm afraid that has not applied to when I speak to the person in the mirror.

But that has now changed. Because at 30,000 feet, it's just me and my God. And the clarity that comes with that realization makes everything else a-okay.