Monday Musings: Following Your Passion

That's how I remember my brother.  Short, sweet, funny and every once in a while (when he wasn't kicking me in my budding breasts) loving.  He's still short and funny. He's also sweet but generally, only with the frog princess.

This past Friday I got a chance to see my baby brother play at The Social in town.  Now, you might think: what do you know about punk metal, mami? Well, after having been through 40 hours of labor, I pretty much feel like I can talk about anything so, punk metal it is!

So, let me preface this by saying that, at bedtime, the frog princess was acting like she'd had sugar all day long.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it because it took me an hour to get her down.  Once she was asleep, I jumped up and "got ready".  No, I had no time for a shower but my sister told me no one would notice.  I threw on a pair of jeans, some cute flip flops and My A Dying Regime t-shirt (which you can purchase for a mere $10 that would basically ensure my frog princess gets a nice birthday present from her uncle Peee). I didn't want to mess with the hair and I threw them in two pony tails. I don't know, I felt like maybe it would make me feel young.  It didn't.  However, as I passed by a mirror I noticed that my pony tails reached my nipples and that made me happy because it means my hair is growing.  But, I digress!

Ah, yes! I get to the show where I rub elbows with...12 year olds.  I mean, really.  What was I doing there? Oh that's right! I was there to be all supportive big sister like and whatnot.  After heading to the "band area" I managed to strike conversations with some of my bros friends. I'd missed the first act thanks to the frog princess's shenanigans but, I hadn't missed the band which my shirt announced.

Yada yada yada, long story short, the band was great.  Now, sure I listen to Christian music and occasional gangsta rap (don't judge me!) but it doesn't mean I don't enjoy other types of music.  In my iPod you can find 80's big hair band and Enya.  Music is music and depending on how I feel, I'm drawn to a particular type of beat. Good music is good music and these guys are good (and not just because my bro is in the band. I'd totally tell him he sucked if he did!).

I'd seen the guys play a few months back and I will say that they sounded a lot better than before. It just seemed like they were more in synch on stage.  The vibe was really there and it had a good feeling about it.  As I stood there listening, people were jamming and commenting and generally sounding pleased.  Two incidents were slightly troublesome: 1. the moshing that took place and the beer that was sadly wasted (no, I wasn't in that area because, hello? I know better!) and 2. the jackass who felt the need to tug at one of my ponytails while walking by. I don't know who it was but as I looked, this chick who was holding hands with a douchebag in front of her looked back with a semi apologetic/it wasn't me face.  I didn't have bail money so, I decided to let it go.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering why the hell I chose this story as my Monday Musings considering that it's supposed to be all uplifting and feel good.  I'm getting to that! Don't rush me!

My brother is very talented.  He is a superb visual artist and he basically taught himself to play the guitar and all kinds of other instruments.  He gave up music a few years back.  After mami passed away, he was drawn back to it.  I can't help but think that it was the message that mami left written on his acoustic guitar.

You see, mami loved the guitar. Always wanted to learn how to play it but was content that her son did.  The message is a private one so I won't share it here as he has no idea I'm writing this.  But, being at the show this weekend reminded me of something: to follow my passion.  My brother works day and night for his art.  Both the visual and the musical.  He has a full time job yet finds time for classes towards his degree in graphic arts as well as practice time and endless hours working on his art projects (he's a perfectionist at heart).

On Friday I was given more reinforcement to the messages that have been flowing into my space since the beginning of September. That I need to follow my heart and do what I love.  By doing what I love I will find the space in which to grow that seed and with it I will plant my dreams.

What's your passion and what are you doing to follow it?