My 6-Word Memoir

What could you say in 6 words? Have you heard of the 6-word memoir project? The origin of the idea says novelist Ernest Hemingway was asked to write a story in six words. Those six words were: “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.” I am sure those 6 words have thrown your head into a tailspin as you conjure up the rest of the story. I know I've come up with about 3 story lines just from those 6 words.

How creative can you get  with those six words? What stories does your mind weave into place? Again, I find myself in awe of the power of words.

When one of my blogging groups brought up this writing prompt I immediately loved it.  Here is my six-word memoir...

I now pass on the memoir prompt to Cairn Rodrigues over at The Light Stealer's Song (isn't that a cool name for a blog?). Can't wait to see what she comes up with!