My Birthday Wish

We are well into my birthday month. First of all, I may not entirely be used to writing 2013 on things so how is it already March? Second of all, I want to share a secret with you. I have a birthday wish. One that probably won't come true. A very selfish one that I'm not even 100% comfortable sharing with you.  And before you ask, yes, I want the standard $1 million, spa day, weekend at the beach, etc. But also...I want a new wardrobe.

Crazy, right? Here's the thing: I've never had a closet that I've been happy with. I am turning 38 this month and I think it's time. I dislike shopping and many things end up in my closet because I needed something to wear and that something fit at the time. I have a few pieces that I love but seriously, there isn't much that I couldn't walk away from right this minute if I had replacement pieces. I have been pinning images away in my Mami Swagger board. Styles that I feel are me but that are not necessarily in my closet.

It's a wish because there's no way I can afford any of that business. It's a wish because I'd have to be Cinderella with fairy godstylists to keep me out of yoga pants. I love yoga pants, you know this. But I don't know what to don when I get out of them. And I know Yanira over at Manolos, Manicures and this Mom is sick of hearing about it. I know this because she blogged about me. She's trying to help me by giving me some awesome advice on what to have in my closet.

But if I close my eyes and think of the person I feel like inside, at 38, living this crazy dream of helping others leave their mark in the world, being a mami and generally attempting to be awesome, these are some of the things that I see in my dream closet:


And of course, there are more. I have no idea how I would classify my style. I know that I don't follow seasonal trends. I wear what I think looks good and I definitely like to wear what feels good. With me being in an office now, I want to get my style back because it all goes towards my well-being. When I look good in the mirror, I feel great. You guys know how that works. Also, I'm my own boss and I want to look the part.

Anywho, I wanted to share my dream with you. I love Pinterest because it's like a lotto ticket. It allows you to dream of the possibilities if only for a little while. The possibilities that I could be a well-dressed, ass-kicking mamipreneur if only I had a budget (read: Mami's broke).

But even if I did have the money, I wouldn't know where to start. I hate shopping. I guess I'd start by calling Jai, giving her one of my credit cards and letting her shop and ship to me. That would be EVERYTHING! Can you imagine?

So that's my secret wish. Organization in my closet, things that match, things that will fit right and that will make me feel good when I look in the mirror. Clothes. It feels very selfish. Like I should be turning 19 and not 38. But, a girl can dream can't she?

Oh and I would like to start working out too. Because clothes can only make you feel good for so long.

Do you have a secret wish for your birthday or otherwise?