Onto Eight


This morning, the Frog Princess wanted to wear her new rainbow shirt. This kid adores rainbows. Not gonna lie, I do too!

Of course, a rainbow shirt calls for rainbow socks! Seeing as I've been neglecting posting Sock Princess pictures (in my defense, it's been hot and she has been wearing a lot of "short" socks that you really can't see over her high tops), I jumped at the chance when she said she wanted to take pictures.

And then a photo shoot ensued. As I stared through the phone I wondered who this girl was. Her legs look long and strong, her face no longer filled with that toddler luster. Not for the first time I wondered "how am I a Mami!? And how am I a Mami to an almost 8 year old?!"

I reminded her that this was the last day of seven and she explained that technically she will be seven all day tomorrow and doesn't actually turn eight until nighttime. She is correct. Of course, this led to me getting weepy tonight. Not because she's turning eight but because her birthday is always a catalyst to the amplification of loss as we lead into the Christmas season. I miss my Mami dearly and especially on the days when I would surely be reminiscing with her about that day in 2009.

I am acutely aware that I have magic on my hands. That I have a human being that is perceiving things and learning things and understanding things that will either help or harm her in the future. Now more than ever, I hope that the things being imparted upon her allow her to grow and flourish and continue to light the world.

She has grown so much! Learned so much. Taught so much. This kid is all light all the time and even in her most sensitive and vulnerable spaces, she's giving of herself. How did I get so lucky to have such a beautiful human being under my care? I'm grateful daily.

Tonight, I broke all the way down reading On the Night You Were Born. I read it to her every year and I always get choked up. This was the first time that I couldn't hold it in. She got teary eyed too and I explained that they were not tears of sadness but of gratitude and love. My heart feels like it's going to burst on some days and I am so proud of this child of mine.

Here she is as she leaps over the threshold from seven to eight. May you continue to create magic, claim magic and be magic, baby girl. We love you.