Growing Up and Staying Covered


Disclosure: I am a Florida KidCare ambassador. All thoughts and opinions are purely my own. The Frog Princess turns 8 this month. How did this happen?!?

Weren't we just talking about diapers and sleep training? Sheesh!

I've been planning for her birthday party, though. Freaking out on cue about where we will celebrate, time, invitations, gifts and party bags (side note: why do I have to give kids gifts when they come to the party? I'm putting a pin in this to discuss later.).

(how has it already been a year since I took this! Look ma! No teeth!)

November is always chock full of to do's. It doesn't help that her birthday is so close to Thanksgiving. I'm always planning two things at once and praying I don't drop any plates.

Although it's busy, it's also the perfect time for me to schedule her annual physical. Yup, I try to do it around her birthday. With the threat of febrile seizures, I've learned to navigate around those times when we’re scheduled to vaccinate so that she isn't feverish on her big day, but this call gets made right along with the ordering of the cake.

It's so important to get kids (and yourselves!) regular check-ups. This is where I chat with the pediatrician about any concerns I might have, where she reminds the Frog Princess that she was "this big" when she first met her.

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It gives us an update on growth charts and lets the doctor check in on a few of those "we'll keep an eye on its".

I think I missed one of these and it was during the short window in which I was uninsured. Thankfully, I got right back to the routine with Florida KidCare.

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There are 257,000 kids without insurance coverage today in the state of Florida. Of those kids, 147,000 could have their annual exams done by the end of the year because they are eligible for completely free or low-cost health and dental insurance with Florida KidCare.

If they don't apply by then, it's perfectly okay, though. Open enrollment is year-round!

Can you do me a favor? Can you make a note right now to call the pediatrician and make an appointment if you haven't gone in for the annual exam?

And if you are not insured, can you head on over to Florida KidCare and apply? I promise you, it's painless.

If your kids are covered and your check-up is done: 1. Yasssssss! and 2. Can you help me spread the message to your network? Nobody knew I didn't have coverage for the Frog Princess when I was unemployed, and I bet there's someone scrolling through your social media timelines that needs this information. You can click and share this tweet:

[Tweet "Your child might be eligible for free or low-cost health insurance through @FLKidCare. It’s easy to apply and you are eligible even if one or both parents work. #FLKidCare"]

Or share this image on Facebook/Instagram:

Text: Getting kids covered is always in season! Let’s give them a healthy start during the holidays. Year-round enrollment. There are 147,000 kids in Florida that qualify for Florida KidCare. It’s easy to find out if you’re one of them.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go figure out what outfit goes well with indoor play place birthday madness!