Organizada in 2015!

I've been working on loads of stuff. Half of which I can't remember! But now, I created a tool for myself to keep me organizada (organized). Last year I gave y'all an electronic version but after much deliberation and back and forth, I'm giving you a beautiful, 6x9 planner to keep you organized for years to come!

Ain't it purty?! With features like month-at-a-glance, social shares tracking and income and expenses, you will have everything you need to organize your awesome!



This organizer is action packed with 196 pages for your planning pleasure. After much discussion, I decided to go with blank months in order to maximize the book year-round and when you decided to pick up the book. No more wasted money if you say, don't write anything up one month. This gives you the flexibility to pick up the organizer during any given month and still use it for a full year. Pretty neat, eh?

I know that many of us live both electronically and in our notebooks. With the purchase of the organizer, you'll also receive a pitch tracking spreadsheet, a social tracking spreadsheet as well as conference planning document. The organizer and the electronic documents are yours for $24.95!


Here's what folks had to say about Organizada:

"Organizada is a great tool for bloggers who are taking their business to the next level. It keeps me organize all in one location. I can also keep things online for easy access using Office 365. It is a must have. " - Yadira Ambert, Club de las diosas

"Whether you're an experienced (but disorganized) blogger or just starting out, Organizada is the perfect place to plan out the things you didn't even think about planning out for your blog. I wish I had something like this when I started over 4 years ago!" Fadra Nally, and

"This is a great way to stay on track with everything blog related. It almost makes it too easy! This organizer is a must!" - Jai from Mami's Time Out

"I love the Organizada. It's a great tool to print out and slip in my planner if I want or just use online to really plan out the site activities I should be performing (and maintaining) with my business. It does a nice job of SHOWING me what I should do instead of just telling me." - Tawanna Browne Smith, Moms Guide to Travel

"As a busy working mom and blogger, I am always looking for ways to improve my efficiency both in the office and at home. While I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to my blog, having that creative outlet is so important to me. The real benefits of Sili’s Organizada is that it assists in my productivity, providing me the necessary tools to maximize the time I spend blogging, while encouraging me to be proactive and look ahead. With some prep work you can easily get organized and stay on task with Organizada, and who doesn’t love that?!" Alex, Alexandra Elizabeth

It can't get better than this. Head on over and order yours today!