2015 Mitsubishi Mirage: Mami Likes!

I walked out to see a red Mirage parked in my driveway. I wasn't too sure about it. It looked small. I drive a sports SUV so I'm used to smaller but, I wasn't convinced. Then I got the tour and I started thinking "okay, I see you!". My mind was completely changed once I dropped 2 car seats in it. The girls (the Frog Princess and her BFF) loved the ride and I forgot about what I thought when I first laid eyes on it.


There was enough room in the middle for bags and such. I will say that I have some pretty big seats, though. I was pretty impressed at the space in the back.


And to give you perspective, I got my grocery shopping on and had more than enough room.


We went on a road trip with friends and had a great time. The girls couldn't stop talking about how "fabulous" the car was and I couldn't get over the mileage and the comfort I found. Yes, I had totally changed my mind by the end of the week and I may or may not have tried to keep the car for longer.


I loved that it was a 5-door. And it didn't ride like a small car (though I'm not entirely sure what a small car rides like). I got good pickup, not that I was speeding or anything and if I did, I was testing the car, people! And I generally felt safe and like I was in a really neat car. Which is important. Cool factor when you're a Mami and your kid is in love with the car you're driving.

All in all, I really enjoyed this car. It was comfortable and fun. It starts at $12,995 though I had all the bells and whistles and still came in at $16,295.

 I loved having GPS and I loved the feeling that I was still in a new vehicle without the price tag.


Of course, now the frog princess keeps asking me when the cool red car is coming back. I wonder the same thing, frog princess.

I was loaned this vehicle in order to facilitate this post. All opinions, shenanigans and good times are purely my own.