The Princess Hits PreKinder

Dear Frog Princess, I am too busy trying not to cry to write in your journal (PS: for the last, almost 4 years, your journal is in this blog. Sorry.).

Your first day of Pre-K is today. We had an entire conversation about how you wanted to be a teacher AND a doctor (but with no shots) and your conundrum regarding how you could do both jobs. You easily solved it by saying you'll just use the timer to let you know when to go to the next place. One of your favorite words these last few weeks has been "easily". And "of course".


You're sassy and some days, I need to reel you in a bit. But, I think that's my job. Giving you the wings that you need to fly while I fly along next to you sometimes nudging you to remind you to stay in your lane.

One of your favorite things to do is to cuddle me. Yesterday, after I parked the car at church you asked me if I was feeling okay (been in a bit of pain). And you said, "okay, here, let me do something and give you some of my cuddles." Sometimes, it's not the words you say but your delivery of them. You also told me I didn't need to take medicine when I had you. All I could do was smile.

I am feeling extra blessed these days. You continue to grow in my heart (though I didn't realize I had any more room). You are a constant source of pride and joy for me. And while I recognize that the hardest days are still ahead, I think I will enjoy this journey right along with you.

Thank you for the prayers you send up to God for Mami. For your hugs and kisses, for your jokes and laughter. Thank you for bringing up your abuela when I least expect it. It means the world to me that my Mami is front and center in your life even though she is no longer here.

This year you will grow by leaps and bounds and I am looking forward to all of it. If you ever see a tear or two running down my cheeks, know that it's not necessarily sadness that brings them along. 

Things you like:

  • Frozen
  • Cuddles
  • Chocolate
  • Ninja Turtles (this is new)
  • Taking pictures with your new Polaroid

Things you say:

  • "Well, of course!"
  • "Easily"
  • "Expecting" - this morning I put on your uniform and you said " I wasn't expecting that."
  • There are more but Mami's memory is spotty today

You are so loved,