Catching Up

Hi! It feels like I haven't been around. I've been moving. Physically, psychologically, spiritually. All that jazz. If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, I'm sure you heard all the whining I've been disseminating over the last week. If you haven't, shame on you!  Though I have loads to say, I cannot bring myself to write within the silos that currently occupy my brain, having zero bridges to connect them all.

I'm still around, though and I hope to start sharing again. In the meantime, this is me catching up with you and letting you know what's coming up in the 'hood.

Tomorrow, Cheryl is back with some awesome tips on a back-to-school edition of Therapy Thursday.

I have got to tell you about lazy days of summer gone by and how Pampers helped me celebrate one of those last days with my girl (hint: there will be a giveaway so you might want to sign up to get updates emailed to you).

Hopefully you'll want to take me on a date and if so, I will tell you all about Magical Dining and where I think we should go (I did a blurb over at Hype Orlando about it last week).

There will be more posts in the Raising a Badass Girl series as well as some deep-down stuff happening in my brain and my heart.


My blogoversary is this month. September 28th will make 4 years blogging. Can you believe it? Hope you'll stick around for the next 4 to see what will happen next. In the meantime, get reacquainted with the 'hood and leave me a comment or two. I miss hearing from you guys.

Anything you'd like to read about in particular?