The 6 Mom Types You Might Know & Love #PutYourHeartToPaper


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hallmark. All thoughts, tears, laughter and warm happy thoughts are purely my own. Mother's Day has not gotten any easier as the years have moved on. I think back to that first Mother's Day of mine. It was...not good. Mami had been newly diagnosed and at home, trouble was brewing. I cried that day for a lot of different reasons but mainly because I felt deep down in my soul that this would be the last of these holidays with her.

I gave her a card from me and a card from the Frog Princess. Hallmark. Always Hallmark. The wording always seems to capture the feelings in my heart. And without having to work too hard at digging from deep down, I can easily put my heart to paper with their help.

Fast forward to today. It is difficult for me to send cards during this time. I still love cards though! I hoard collect them. I treasure them. In the same way that I treasure the women in my life. This year, I'm letting Hallmark soothe my soul and selecting just the right card for them. I have many different Mamis in my life and thankfully, Hallmark as a card for each and every one of them.6 Mom Types You Might Know & Love

Here are 6 types of women currently in my life.

The "I knew you before your boobs really came in" Mami

Hallmark helps us put your heart to paper with awesomeness like this!You've been through thick and thin with this one. You've known each other for half of your life or more. This is the chick you call when it gets rough. The one that remembers that one time 15 years ago when something similar happened. This Mami knows every inch of you in a way others never will. She's your superhero for so many reasons but mainly because she loves you unconditionally. In my life, this is Robiaun.

The "We have to stay best friends because you know too much about me" Mami

Good moms and batter! Hallmark helps us put your heart to paper with awesomeness like this!

She'll help you hide the body. She texts you randomly in the middle of the night because she's awake and she can. You want to beat her sometimes because she doesn't stay in touch the way you hope. But she knows too much about you. And thankfully, you know too much about her. Her humor and love has carried you through some things. And now you two have kids and can add some more adventures to your life. Sybil fills this role for me.

The "We are family but most importantly we are friends" Mami

Hallmark helps us put your heart to paper with awesomeness like this!

A member of your family (by blood or relation), this woman has gotten to know you fairly recently. You love her to pieces and hold her heart in a way that no one else is allowed to. You see all the wonderfulness in her spirit and surprising her and making her laugh is kind of your hobby. You know this woman in my life as Yery.

The "I just met her but dammit, we go together" Mami

Cards for moms-to-be on Mother's Day because guess what? They're already Mamis!

You might have just met her but you have a deep need to care for this one. Also, she's not a Mami yet in the "ohmaigaah I haven't gotten any sleep in 7 days". She's still in the "is this ligament supposed to hurt all night?" phase of Mamihood. This Mami needs a reminder of the awesomeness that's to come. Stacey has garnered this title (and look for her in the 'hood soon!).

The "We've gotten close thank to our kids" Mami

Amor de Madre. Loving the Spanish language cards. This one becomes a piece of art for your wall!

Your kids know each other and hallelujah! You two get along splendidly. You are like minded and in similar phases of life. This woman holds it down for you and you for her. You watch each other's kids, you go out for drinks, you worry about the same things and together, you solve the problems of the world. Well, at least the problems of your kids. Jess and I go together for this reason.

The "Hallmark still makes the perfect card for you" Mami

Tu Amor Es Unico. Me encanta esta tarjeta y me recuerda de Mami.

This woman taught you everything you know about being a Mami. She rocked Mamihood in a way that you can only hope that you do some day. This woman gave you strength, courage, wisdom and faith. Sometimes, it takes 3 Hallmark cards to cover all of the things that you feel. And whether she's still on this Earth or not, every year, you have the need to put your heart to paper for her. Do I have to tell you who fills these shoes for me?

Estas palabras me caen perfectamente.

As a writer, putting my heart to paper is something that I tend to do anyway. But the idea of helping you do the same is the reason I wrote this post today.

Will you be putting your heart to paper this Mother's Day? Here's a little something to inspire you (grab a hanky!). I watched all of these in one sitting. It was beautiful!

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