Reading Between the Lines

Today was a slightly rough day. I could blame a lot of things (hormones included) but I'd rather not. I always had a hunch that being a WAHM was not easy. Now I am experiencing it first hand and let me tell you! I need a white board, a copy of Microsoft Project and a case of wine (not to mention a nanny, a chef and a driver)! Oh and I also need YOU GUYS to give me some advice on how to manage it all. So technically, this is kinda your fault. I think that my body has finally run itself down after staying up late for days at a time and operating on a few hours of sleep. It's not me, really. It's "my body". Work with me people! I'm slightly delirious. It's not happening at a good time (is it ever a good time?). With BBCATL coming up this weekend, I cannot afford to be sick! If I do, the attendees will probably label me as sickly and will give me a bubble to sit under so I don't get anyone else sick and there will go my chance to network with some pretty cool people!

I spent most of the day trying (unsuccessfully) to get some rest. The frog princess, being the intuitive comforter that she is, stayed close all day long. And while she made me laugh and lifted my spirits, crushing my spleen with her size 6 foot was probably not the best way to make mami feel better (when I mean she stayed close, I mean literally!). I told myself I would go to bed early tonight. And then gave myself a guilt trip over: the house still being disorganized, the quotes I have yet to provide, the content I have yet to write, the prescriptions I have yet to pick up, the clothes I have yet to wash, etc. etc. etc. By the time we were getting ready for bed, I was wiped out and deflated. That's when it happened. I picked one of our new books to read: My Mommy Hung the Moon.

"My mommy hung the moon. She tied it with string. My mommy's good at everything."

As I flipped through the pages I realized this is how our kids see us. We can do it all and dammit if we don't! This past month that I've been home with the frog princess has been amazing. More and more I feel her drawing nearer to me though I didn't think it was possible because of how close we were. But, more than realizing that this is how my baby girl sees me ("She writes all the books. She made me TV. She drew every 'toon, boxed all DVDs. She webbed all the world, she dotted .com. She e'd the email, my own CD MOM") I realize that this is part who I am.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, the bible verse goes. But I can also do all things because of a little person that believes in me. I fought the need to stay in bed and sleep in with my sweetheart, checked off a couple of tasks on my list because I was able to read between the lines and gain a little strength.

"I dream about how she gave me my start. I love my mommy with all of my heart. Then when I'm asleep all safe in my nest, my mommy stays up and does all the rest."

Damn skippy!

If you'd like to purchase this book from Amazon, I encourage you to do it through my affiliate link. I'm working on a redesign of that page soon so, don't get caught up in how it looks at the moment. I have a ton of books listed and will be updating to have more now that I am in the process of cataloging my own library.