Really Monday?

I woke up late on the day after my birthday because, well, let's face it: I sat up @ 4 a.m. (probably because my brain is trained since the frog princess has been up and about around that time), went to the living room and watched OWN til I fell back asleep and The Man came to get me from the couch (PS: what's up with the Dr. Laura show? Am I the only one who thinks that perhaps this people need to go see a sex therapist NOT ON TV?).  Then, I woke up late.  Rushed out of the house like  a mad woman, had to send The Man in three times to get something I'd forgotten only to make a quick U-turn after realizing I'd left my work phone at home. Fast forward to the evening (all you need to know about the day is that it was a typical Monday complete with what I like to call shittus remaindus which by definition means the carryover from last week's bullshit right into today).  I get home and realize that The Man forgot to put the damn dog behind the kiddie gate AND has left the bedroom door open.  The master bedroom leads to the nursery and what would happen to have been right by the nursery door, you ask?  Why, it's the bag full of dirty diapers that I didn't walk out with this morning (it was trash day)!  I walked in to my home and noticed diapers EVERYWHERE. The living room, the dining room and of course, the Frog Princess's room!  So, instead of spending a little time with my baby girl, I had to pick up fucking diapers and diaper guts from most of the rooms in my house!  I am not even going to mention the cramps (but thanks for asking).

The damn dog is now in the laundry room (because, really, I am absolutely DONE with him at the moment), the frog princess FINALLY went to sleep and I am in the office trying not to hyperventilate (but failing at this as well!) over all that I still have left to do for my day job AND all that I have to do at home.  Was it too much to ask for a nice quiet day?  As a PS: my umbrella flipped inside out when I went to grab lunch this afternoon and my hair got wet.


And the thing that takes the cake? I'm driving home and this realization hits me in the center of my chest: my mami is GONE! I cannot call her and tell her about my day. She is like permanently gone!  I am still coming to grips with that realization 8 weeks later and it does not get any easier as time goes by.