Risks and Faith

I've been running around all day in an emotional rollercoaster.  For a lot of different reasons.  Most, you know. Others, I keep tied to the strings of my heart.  Tonight, as I looked through papers that needed to be purged, old notebooks and cards, I found something.  Now, I am pretty sure I wrote this. Part of me wonders if I really did write this.  But, I was known to write stuff like this and then put it up in poster format so as to pontificate and make it look pretty.  I have no recollection of what I was going through when I did.

But, I'm glad I found it.  From the notebook it was in, this must have been written circa 2005.  I guess 30 year old me figured I would need to hear this today, eh?  This is what it says:

I take risks everyday.  I take them because I refuse to live in a bubble of fear.  Not that I'm not scared to death.  I just push myself (or drag myself, depending on the situation) straight into my fear.  Why? Because as frightened as I am, I still haven't lost my faith.  And that's what keeps me going.  Faith keeps my dreams alive.  It allows me to trust someone wholeheartedly.  To give all I can in everything I do.  It allows me to believe in the impossible, the magical.  In dreams, imaginary friends and fairy tales.  There's no better way to find peace in your heart than faith.  No better comfort in knowing that some things were just meant to be whether or not you're scared.  Nothing better than faith to cure you of your fears.

I'm so glad my faith continues to grow day by day. I don't much love the growing pains but, I know it's not in vain. I do believe in dreams coming true and fairy tales.  Always the fairy tale.  Because we always forget all the hell that the princesses went through in the story and all we remember is the happily ever after.  And not just from a boy/girl perspective. But in everything in life I believe in the fairy tale.  Your dream job, your dream house, your dream car, your dream iPad. You name it.  I'll be posting this somewhere in my line of sight so that I can read it and internalize it even more so.  Because I need this more than anyone right now.

What are your thoughts on faith?