I detest resolutions. Why? Because it's like they were born to be broken. No, no, no! I will have NO resolutions in 2012! Instead, I think I'll come up with some mamilutions. You might be asking yourself, mami, what in the hell are mamilutions? Well, I'll tell you. Give me a second while I make up the definition.

Mamilutions - tasks, goals or targets put forth by a tired, overworked, imaginative mami that's ultimately trying to change the world. These goals can be as big or small as she wants and they can be changed whenever she feels like it in order to appear as if they are complete. The ultimate goal of these are to do away with the resolutions that are brought forth during this time and only make us feel bad about not keeping them.

Mamilutions are sure to make you feel empowered, energized and provide you with the mami swagger that you need in 2012. I'm still working on my list but, my mamilutions so far are as follows:

  1. Get a tattoo of a gardenia (any artists out there? I'm currently taking drawings. Don't you want your artwork fabulously displayed on this beautiful cafe con leche skin?)
  2. Be okay with being distracted by Pinterest (I went to my browser for a reason I can't recall and have just spent the last 20 minutes looking at a variety of things including at this death star cookie jar  and this awesome machine that makes pencils out of paper! If you don't already know, I love pencils and write with them all the time)
  3. Buy the pencil making machine mentioned above
  4. Stop judging people that misspell words (I may need to get therapy to make this one happen. Oh, I was reminded of that thanks to a new pin.)
  5. Work out at least ONE day in 2012. "Work out" is defined as any type of activity that will raise my heart rate. This includes a dance game in the Wii that my bro just got the frog princess, yoga, Ripped In 30, driving past Krispy Kreme and seeing the "HOT" light on or 30 minutes in the presence of Shemar Moore (currently watching Criminal Minds, can you tell?)
  6. Change the world by continuing to provide mamis and babies here and in other countries what they might need in order to be reminded that someone out there cares about them
  7. Read one non-picture book a month (aggressive, I know)
  8. Find a brand crazy forward-thinking enough to hire me
  9. Make an appearance at 2 bloggers conferences sponsored by some awesome people (email me if you're awesome enough to handle this)
  10. Keep smiling, keep positive and be okay on the days when I am not (because I have some cool people like you in my life to remind me of this one)

That's all I have right now. Mostly because I'm busy trying to watch Criminal Minds while cruising Pinterest and wondering if it would seem like a bad gesture if I reach around the guys fixing the fridge to grab a glass of wine.

Can you think of some mamilutions to start your list?