Running with Luggage

I am typing this while on the plane, trying to figure out how I can do some calf stretches before this thing lands.  It appears that I am going to have to run "full speed" to make my connecting flight.  I won't tell you where I'm going as I don't wish to have the paparazzi and legions of fans waiting for me.  After all, this is a non-mami business trip and I don't wish to disturb the flow of things. Here's the skinny: there was a "cap" on the wing that wasn't there.  The captain reassured us that said cap served only for cosmetic reasons and we had nothing to worry about.  So you're telling me I might miss my connecting flight because the plane needs blush?! Seriously?  This meant that we left about 40 minutes behind the scheduled time.  In speaking with the flight attendants, we found out we have to go through another security check when we get there.  Flight is supposed to land at 7, connection is supposed to take off at 7:20. Travel time between terminals, you ask? Ten to fifteen!

In any case, I'm not happy about this "running" in my near future.  Here's why: I've only done DAY ONE of my Ripped in 30! In my defense, Jillian didn't say the days had to be consecutively so, that's on her!  I, in my quest to pack light, brought my duffle (without wheels).  Of course, at the last minute I freaked and added some items that I really won't need which now will only serve to weigh me down: 1. my makeup bag (because all I need is my brow pencil, a little eyeshadow and some lip gloss, 2. the thin leather jacket. Okay I may need this as it looks like I'm going to the arctic circle and the temperatures will dip below 60.  I turn my heat on when it gets below 75 (and the fact that I grew up in NYC doesn't matter! I ain't 'shamed!), 3. the extra top because at the last minute I thought: what if something happens to my top and it gets dirty or something and I need another top for my meeting? On further thinking: I could always rock my I heart Nerds shirt which I always fly out with (don't knock the ritual).

In any case, I am already strategizing about how I am going to get the duffle bag out of the overhead compartment, strap it on me along with my nifty laptop backpack.  I'm in the 4th row with co-workers ahead of me and one a few rows behind.  I foresee some situations.  How will I jump over the old lady?  Is it wrong to push aside the children under one?  I am wearing sneakers so, I should be good to go.  However, I will be double knotting them as those SOB's like to come loose on me.  Just so you know, I have the kind of gung ho team that will leave my ass behind if I fall (we have customer obsession man, and if one of us has to be left behind to do the damn thing, that's what it is! We all signed up for this so, it's cool).

In other news: I didn't see the frog princess before leaving.  I dropped her off this morning and had a clear plan to stop by. I even pulled in to the driveway. That's when dad told me that she'd probably be upset because I wasn't picking her up. So, I sacrificed my need to see my baby girl so that she had a good rest of the afternoon.  So far so good. I am not feeling horrendous though there's a tiny bit of mami guilt (like: why don't I have a rich husband, why have I not played the lotto and why am I not a stay at home mami (see previous questions)?).

That's all for now.  If you'll excuse me, I need to do lunges in the isle while not drawing attention to myself...