School's Out!

It has been a year, almost to the day, when I wrote about enrolling the frog princess in school.  I can hardly believe it. Today marks her last day of her first school year. First Day of School

My girl seems to have sprouted overnight. I find myself perusing those posts with baby pics and the many folders on my phone of my girl at different stages. I cannot pick a favorite, though I will say that I miss the baby stage. Mamis who are currently sleep deprived and cannot believe I just said that, this is how the mami brain works! Crazy ain't it?

I've always believed that education starts at home and that parents should take active roles as their kids progress in school. We were working with the kid since she was born, it feels like. Sight letters, sight numbers, memorization, cognitive thinking, reading to her etc. Being in school this year has broadened her horizons by leaps and bounds though.


From the first few weeks since she's been here, I knew she would fit in perfectly in a Montessori environment. My girl has really come into her own, in part, because of the great staff at Montessori Bilingual Academy. And particularly because of this woman: Ms. Lizzette.  She has nurtured my girl this year, been firm with her, given her hugs, taught her sounds, given her creative ideas, got her started on writing...basically, she's been an awesome teacher. I honestly don't know how she does it. I watched her during the Thanksgiving feast they had and was in awe at how she maneuvered her way around a dozen kiddos appearing to give each and every one exactly what they needed. I want THAT superpower!

Ms. Lizzette

I am eternally grateful for all of the staff at this school. They all know my frog princess by name. They all nurture her in some way and they have contributed to this girl that we are trying to shape as best we can.

I've decided to do school part-time over the summer (though I looked at their calendar and wonder if they'd let me attend!).  This is, in part, one of the reasons I wanted to go in business for myself. Because I wanted to be able to have better control over my calendar in order to be there for my girl. I don't mind working long hours, I just want to be able to choose what those hours are.

A couple of days a week, the frog princess will be enrolled in Camp Mamitiki! There, we will explore Central Florida and the surrounding areas, go on fun adventures with other mamis and kids and continue to nurture her love of learning and exploration. I'm thinking we need some shirts.

That being said, I have nothing planned. Don't judge me, I've been busy and frankly, I'm a little nervous because I want this to be the summer of AWESOME. I am looking for all of my super-duper organized project manager mamis to help out. I've already suckered asked one of my goodest friends to share her awesome summer project plan. Can I just tell you how inadequate I felt when she sent me her first draft? Holy crap! I need to get on this whole mami thing. And by "this whole mami thing" I mean stay tuned as I visit Pinterest and steal borrow some great ideas for summer fun.

What would you recommend?