Searching for Supermom

I'd like to find her so that we could have a few words!  Where does she get off making it look easy!?!  I still have thank you notes from the frog princesses's birthday party that haven't been filled out.  FROM NOVEMBER!  If I found her today, I'd kick her ass and bury her under the mountains of clothes currently found in strategic places around my home.  I'm pretty sure no one would find her until summer, giving me sufficient time to leave the country or make up a good excuse as to why I did it. Like, the fact that I'm exhausted all the damn time. I dream of a housekeeper.  But in all honesty, who has time to make that phone call?  I sure don't. My bff gave me a coupon for a housecleaning last year and, after a great big mishap on their side (they were NOT prepared for the Groupon they ran) they finally called me back weeks later and said they'd take the coupon after the expiration date.  The thing is, I can't find the number!  And again, who has that kind of time?!

My house isn't terribly bad.  It's just that things that should be put away are not.  This gives me anxiety attacks which in turn makes me tired which in turn makes me not want to put things away.  It's a vicious cycle.  Add to that a 14 month-old who specializes in walking til she drops (not to mention giggling which completely distracts me) and, well you get my drift. Sprinkle in some stress from my mami being sick, a new job that I adore but that I most certainly need to get used to and what you end up with is the Bizarro of supermom.  I am sure I talk like him too. BizarroMom sad.  BizarroMom tired. My kryptonite, you ask? Dishes, laundry and clothes mainly.  Though lately with my schedule, cooking has become kryptonite as well and that makes me sad because I enjoy cooking.  But when I think about cooking, then I have to think about food shopping (and here we add yet another kryptonite).  The frog princess has a 6:30-7 p..m. bedtime which I have been pushing lately due to my schedule.  The man has been working evenings which means that I can't just put her to bed and head back out to do stuff (though that is only a theory as to how I could get things done since most nights, I am on the couch threatening to fall asleep early though that doesn't always happen).

How do you do it? How do you manage a career that is most certainly NOT 9-5, responsibilities to the immediate family, maintaining a home without fear the closets will be opened when company comes over, cooking healthy meals that don't make you feel like a loser mom, the shopping, cleaning the bathrooms and still, somehow, finding time to get your mane done?  I am exhausted just writing that sentence.  I need to go take a nap now.

If you are a supermom, tell me how you do it. Don't tell me where you live, though, because I may just muster enough energy to come find you and make good on my earlier promise.