Getting It Straight For Back To School

[alert type="success" close="false"]Disclosure: I am a Straight Talk Tester. This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are purely my own.[/alert] It is back to school time and I have good news! I am now a Straight Talk Tester! What does that mean? It means I have me a great phone whose phone plan costs less than other plans, that’s what. Which translates to me saving my dollars for important things like dance lessons, gym shorts and fudge brownies.

I get to not only test the network, but it comes in the form of an iPhone 6. Who said you can’t have nice things at a low price? Certainly not Straight Talk!


One of the exciting things is that I get to share this info with you just as some of your kids return to school and you’re looking at getting them a phone that won’t break your bank. I don’t see how you’d pick anything else. Check out some of the plans available to you:

  • $45 Unlimited* Plan: includes unlimited talk and text with 5 GB of high speed data per 30 day cycle. After 5 GB, data speed will be reduced to as low as 2G for the remainder of the 30 day cycle.
  • $30 All-You-Need Plan: Includes 1,500 minutes, unlimited texting, and 100 MB high speed data.
  • $60 International Plan: Includes unlimited* nationwide & international minutes, unlimited* nationwide texting, and unlimited* high speed data.

If you’re saying “Sili! My kids already have their own devices. I don’t want to spend money on more equipment just to get them on a plan.” Well, then these options are for you!

  • Bring-Your-Own Phone Plan (BYOP): For people who love their phones but hate expensive contracts, it’s easy to Bring Your Own Phone to Straight Talk.
  • Bring-Your-Own Tablet Plan (BYOT): Keep everything you love and choose a data plan that works for you, all without a contract.

I don’t know about you but I love the idea of being able to save money and still continue with a great network.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you about some awesomeness in the near future. Tell me, are you ready to save some money? When you get a Straight Talk Wireless plan for you and your kid(s) be sure to tell them I accept thank you gifts.


[alert type="info" close="false"]DISCLAIMER: *At 2G speeds, the functionality of some data applications such as streaming video or audio may be affected. All currently active Straight Talk BYOP customers will also receive the first 5 GB Data at High Speeds at the start of their next 30 day cycle. Please refer always to the Terms and Conditions of Service at[/alert]