The Night After Niche (#NicheParent13)

I should be packing. Sifting through emails, writing posts that are past due. Budgeting, planning, figuring out the secret of the ancient civilizations. But I'm not. I spent about a half hour lying next to the frog princess, listening to her breathing. And kissing her. And thanking God for such a beautiful gift.

Niche Parent has not disappointed. I've met some wonderful new people and got a chance to reconnect with my blogging crew. Life is amazing that way. This conference is so personal. So informative and refreshing. I really enjoy coming here and seeing my tweeps and tribe.  Connecting, connecting, connecting.

I think I had several different "connecting" points this time around. The conference itself was my first. Second, I feel I made different connections thanks to my sponsor, International Delight. Of course, I think it was more about people wanting some samples than my fabulosity but still, it allowed me to connect to some new folks that I hope to stay in touch with.

And finally, it allowed me to connect with the frog princess. I know I see her every day. I know I tuck her in every night but being away from home, I got a chance to see how much she's grown. I also got a chance to see this beautiful spirit and all of the wonder and joy that she brings to my life. Is it possible that I could've fallen in love with her all over again? I don't know if my heart can take it.

Earlier today we spent some time looking at a teeny tiny snail, digging our feet in the sand and watching the sunset. This is by far my most favoritest picture of the entire trip:



I have no words for my love and perhaps I connect with this picture because my love feels like the horizon: vast and never ending. I have been talking about delicious moments for Breyers for a couple of months now and I have to tell you that this was one of THE most delicious moments I've had thus far. Simple and sweet.

Not too much going on. Just a walk on the beach with friends. Kicking up sand and talking about turtle nests. These are where our most treasured memories come from though, isn't it?

Everything came together here. It was about so much more than the conference. Or the brands I've been working with (though I'm happy to say they get a mention here because their message connects with me and with this blog).  It's about the reason why I still write (love). The reason why I got on the stage this weekend to speak (love).  The reason why I wanted to travel with my girl this weekend (love, love, love).

I hope you get a chance to attend a conference like this, that allows you to connect. And I hope you get some delicious moments of your own to bring a smile to your face.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to move my sappy mobile out of the way for some packing.