39 (#FortyMinusOne)

Today I turn 39. I'm beyond elated to be here, at this age, in this time. 39

I try to take nothing for granted though I know that inevitably, I do. However, I am more conscious of it and so, I try my best not to. I'm doing what I can to stand in the moment and take it all in. I still live for this Mamihood I have created, though that circle includes so many more than just my kid.

Mami and Frog Princess in DC

I've attempted to record lessons learned in these 39 years. I'm sure I have missed some but here's a start.

In the last week I managed to meet up with Potus, present at a fantastic conference and generally gather a gaggle of blessings to my bosom in the midst of a crazy time.

Recently, it hasn't all been fabulous (we'll chat about that later). But ,today? Today I choose for it all to be just that. Because one of the things I've learned in these last 39 years is that I have the power to create. And today I am choosing to create awesomesauceness.

May you create peace and blessings today. And some rockin' cocktails! Oh and don't forget to buy me a birthday shot!

A look back at birthdays past: