Every Little Thing...

I've had a not so fabulous day today. Some things fell through the cracks that I was certainly hoping would open the door to freelance work.  But, I know all too well that what is meant to be will be so, moving right along. I visited my friends at Scholastic Book Fairs today. I need to stop going there without the frog princess in her stroller.  Why you ask? Because it's like trick or treating for book lovers! At every office you stop to greet and catch up someone gives you a book (s). So I end up lugging a sometimes-shy frog princess and the additional 30 pounds of books.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Today I received a fantabulous book that I will be reviewing later on in the week.  That got me thinking about this song.  It comes on Nick, Jr. and so, the frog princess is familiar with it.  She may also know it well because I tend to jump out of wherever I'm at and start singing it to her.  She has sung along before.  Tonight, I started singing it to her and she joined in with such expressive gestures that I had to pull out my phone to record it (I wish I had that Sony Bloggie but, you gotta work with what you have, right?).

I choked up at one point in time watching her sing this to me.  By the way, I cannot sing to save my life! But one of the perks of mamihood is not giving a damn because your kid loves your voice (at least until they realize you really can't sing but, we're not there yet).

With that, I realized that this was the third lesson of Bloggy Bootcamp.  This is what's important. What it is all about.  It's why I stay up late at night trying to figure out how to make my passion (writing) into a career now that I no longer have one in corporate America. It's what has me digesting vast amounts of information and reaching out to all sorts of people trying to gleam a little knowledge as to how to "do this" for a living.  At the end of the day, this is what it is all about.

And after a not so great day, my frog princess once again reminded me: Don't worry, about a thing. Cuz, every little thing, is gonna be alright.  And my heart fell in love with her a little bit more.