Mami's Favorite Things: Kleenex

This past month has seen a lot of mami I don’t feel so good’s. Have you experienced this business? It’s the first “winter” that she’s in school. I know it’s expected but with her suffering from febrile seizures (though thank the sweet baby Jesus she hasn’t had one in over a year), it bring a certain level of defcon 5 into the house. A few weeks back, pink eye and a cough turned into bronchitis. Runny nose, coughing and even a little sharing with her mami made for an interesting couple of weeks. So I had a chance of taking care of my baby in the way that mamis know best.

I love to cuddle with her when she’s sick. It’s this need I get to hold her close to me. Like my body can heal hers. And yeah, I’m well aware that’s probably the way I got her cooties. But that’s okay.

I was lucky that papi was here because he got to make me my ultimate comfort food: his world famous rice pudding. When I’m sick I love comfort foods, don’t you? I love chicken noodle soup with an egg dropped in and a little garlic (try it, it’s yummy). I love hot cocoa and I also have a special affinity to ginger tea when I don’t feel well.

Of course, these days when I get sick it means that I don’t get to stay in bed all day long as the kid requires some attention. But, there’s nothing like a comfy pair of sweats and some thick socks. I move our nursing area to the family room with the kitchen nearby and then set up camp on the big couch complete with a blanket that we alternatively use to cover us and as a fort, depending on how we feel.

I also keep lots of water nearby and 2 very, very important things: a box of Kleenex and a trash can for the used tissues. We went through a whole box this last time and with us hanging out at the parks this past weekend, it seems that someone is not feeling so good again. As I type this, she is sitting on her favorite chair while I hover over her with the temporal thermometer. And yes, the box of Kleenex is nearby.


This is a more practical favorite thing but one that I feel is very necessary during those times of yuckiness that are sure to come and go during this time of the year.

I found out that Kleenex has Care Packs. You can get them via their website and have it sent to a loved one to make them feel better.  I wish I’d known about this when my little sister was sick a few months ago. She was all the way up in DC and missing being nursed back to health. This would’ve certainly made her smile.SWS3_CarePack

I am planning on sending one to the frog princess’s teacher. Can you imagine working with 15 snotty kids? I often see her with a little red nose and just want to sit her on my lap and cuddle her too. She definitely deserves a Care Pack.

Kleenex also has Share Packs to well, share! And they want to give one away to you! Because, I’m sure you’ll need them at some point in time.

Share Pack

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Disclosure: this is a compensated post in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Kleenex. All coughs, cuddles and snotty noses are mine (and the kid’s).