Music Tuesday: The iPod Playlist 80's & 90's

I think I secretly want to be a DJ!  I love music though half the time I have no clue who sings what.  Every once in a while, I like to flood my friends' newsfeed with YouTube links to songs I'm listening to.

I started doing that tonight and then thought: am I the only one who feels some kind of way about these song? Do they invoke a strong reminder of a different time (I'm not going to say happier, just different)? Does it remind you of certain people, places or things?  What music from the past brings out the swagger in you?  Share! ;-)

This song made me feel like I could be a lip-synching model!

These words still ring true all these years later.

I love this woman's voice and this song is just in your face good!

It's the Goo Goo Dolls, what else can I say?

If you got the "single" then you know that the remix of this song was the bomb-digitty!