Celebrations con Net10


The frog princess and I trotted during the holidays with our Net10 phones and much to my surprise, I found that when I made it to Orangeburg, SC, one of the first commercials I caught was of Net10. It’s a favorite of mine, take a look.

The reception was good and the savings can’t be beat. I’m still in disbelief as I think: $90 for two phones? Unlimited everything?! You have to check them out.

Even with us being in a rural area, I can’t say I noticed a major difference in reception as compared to other companies. I was able to talk, text, take pictures and Tweet without an issue. Which was a good thing because if you know me, you know I had a lot to say and a lot to share!

Of course, January 6th always marks the end of the holiday season for me. Not only do I get to take the tree down on this day (because apparently, Santa was “too busy” to do me a solid as he trotted away to deliver more presents) but, I also get to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

In Latin America, this is Three Kings Day (Dia de los reyes magos). On this day, I used to receive presents as a child.

I remember my last Christmas in Dominican Republic. Leaving a box under my bed with grass for the camels, a glass of water and a cigar. Apparently, the kings have a smoking habit that I needed to enable. Nowadays, I don’t know if this is celebrated much but, I want to teach the frog princess about it. About the meaning of Epiphany and the meaning this day has in our lives.

Mami used to always joke with my sister telling her that she should’ve been named Reina. As was often the case in Latin American/Caribbean countries, if you were born on any day significant in a religious calendar, there was a slight chance that’d be your name. Her name is not Reina. Her name is Q. Well, there’s more to it than that but around here, she is Titi Q and so, she shall be known.

When January 5th rolled around, we started our celebration by going out to a late lunch at the kid’s favorite Sushi restaurant. Titi Q would’ve loved it too but alas, she’s in DC. It’s cool though, because we kept in touch throughout the holidays and especially throughout her birthday weekend thanks to Net10! Find out more about Net10 on their Facebook page.

We got some not so great news when we got home from hanging out that evening that Titi Q was not feeling well. A few minutes on the phone assured me that she was being taken care of but didn’t wipe away the worry. Which meant periodic text messages and emails to make sure she was doing okay.

On the day of Epiphany, the frog princess and I headed to church. Here she is, all smiles after the service.

2013-01-06 12.34.09

We continued the celebration with some brunch and a fitful nap. For her, not for me. As she napped, I took down the decorations and reminisced on all of the past holiday seasons. The joyful songs that I have not heard for so long, the laughter, the anticipation.

I packed away my memories along with the ornaments. Tucked away my wisps of a time long gone before we lost mami. I sat in my mother’s living room and called papi. He’s in the Caribbean right now but it is so good to always be just a phone call away.

I’m thankful for this season, thankful to have been able to tell you about it and tell you about this great service that I hope you look into if you are intent on cutting some fat off of your budget this year. I am thankful that I was able to stay connected with my family whether they were in the Caribbean, in New York, DC, Connecticut.  I hope to continue to do so throughout the year. And I certainly hope Net10 will be there right alongside me.

Did you celebrate 3 Kings Day?

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