Mami's Messy Moment

How do I celebrate a new, clean blog redesign? By writing about a messy moment in my life, what else?  More specifically, by telling you about poop!  Why? Well, because you don't know enough about me and my family yet, that's why!  No worries, though. This is a short story. My frog princess was a beautiful, tiny bundle of joy. As I geared up to go back to work, I decided to go visit my friends at my previous place of employment.  They were all anxious to see her.  They'd thrown me a shower a month prior to her arrival even though I'd been gone for 3 years. I love them and they are like family.  I packed up my little girl in the cool weather and headed out to spend a few hours with friends.

Everything was great. Everyone gushed over her, I showed her off like the prized offspring that she is. After I finished my parade, I stopped in and waited for a couple of other people to head downstairs to see her before taking my leave.  I think I may have nursed her while I waited.  She was happy. Smiling at people, just having a great time.  A couple of girls stopped by to see her and that's when I felt it.

Warmth.  And, did I hear a little rumbling? It couldn't be! Was her face scrunched up? No, no, no!  My beautiful little girl was pooping.  Now let me stop here and explain something for the poop amateurs out there.  Breastmilk poop is special.  It's not the typical formula poop though it sometimes doesn't smell as bad (well, maybe I'd just gotten used to it).  But because the majority of the nutrients in breastmilk as digestible, poop from a breast fed baby isn't exactly...solid.  Normally this wasn't a problem for me because I was used to it and was a pro at the clean up.

What I wasn't used to were these two little words: blow out!  See, the frog princess had reserved her blowouts for her dad.  However, she decided that blowouts at home weren't quite as fun as blowouts out in public when she was double layered with winter clothes.  Needless to say, I was slightly mortified. I went to change her in my friend's office, on the floor all the while trying to figure out what to say (cue the "this has never happened before" speech!).  Thankfully I always carried an extra set of clothes for her in the diaper bag and plenty of wipes (I think I used the entire case for the cleanup!).  What I hadn't started carrying around were plastic bags to put poopy clothes in (PSA for new moms: just throw a couple of grocery store bags in ALL of your bags from this point forth).

After changing her diaper, finding a bag to put the clothes in, putting her back into her warm clothes and trying to finagle a way to get the shit smell out of my friend's office, I took my leave.  I don't think I took her back there for another 8 months and even when I go back now, I always make sure she's pooped sufficiently prior to us heading there.  Suffice it to say the clothes got appropriately soaked and marinated in some serious bleach to take out the stinky remains.

What messy family moments have you experienced that you'd like to share?

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