Mamis Are Like Snowflakes...


…No two are the same  I love that. I was lucky enough to have learned that lesson while I was working at Scholastic Book Fairs long before I became a Mami. I had the privilege and pleasure to work with a big group of moms. Some had grown children, some had grandkids and some I had the pleasure of seeing pregnant with their own bundle of joy. I would sit in on conversations and after the one millionth one I realized two things that I think I instinctively already knew 1. That they all loved their children and 2. That being a “good” mom only had one requirement: see #1. I marveled at their antics, their stories, their reactions to what their children did. Each story could have ended with “but I love my kid so, there you go.”



I keep having to remember to not look to the side to compare. And to not let others turn my head for me, so to speak. Either myself or my child. I am the frog princess’s Mami. I love her more than life itself. I will make mistakes but as long as I love her and care for her, it will be okay.

Remember that next time some crazed mom (who is also a great mom and loves their kid if perhaps a bit off balance) comes up to you to tell you how their child, usually a little younger than yours, can do something that yours cannot. Pace is important. But there’s a reason for everything.

The Frog Princess has no teeth. She’s been teething for months now but hers have not come out yet. I have learned to set that to the back of my mind understanding that they’ll get here eventually. And not to listen to people (my mother included) who start some sentences with “You know so and so’s child? Four teeth already! as if this means that my child will have a gummy smile through adulthood.

Besides, I am still nursing and considering the great pains (literally) that I went through when I first started nursing, I am considering this a small blessing for my child to have no teeth at the current moment.

After all, if Mamis are like snowflakes then, so are their children.