What to Get When They're Expecting

I recently had a chance to sit back and take stock of a few things. I realized that a lot of my friends (like 4 or 14 of them) are currently pregnant and after looking at the situation, I came up with the only logical conclusion: it’s all because of me. I mean, a lot of these people don’t even know each other and yet here they are pregnant at the same time. Granted, they probably had the means to get pregnant all on their own with only the help of their partners but, they hadn’t. Not until now. All. Of. Them. So yeah, I made them pregnant. If I know you (or you read my blog, follow me on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook) and you’re pregnant: you’re welcome!

Now that I’ve gotten all these people pregnant, I have a lot of planning to do. Baby showers, push presents, etc. If you’re a future dad and don’t know what a push present is, please read on. It’s your once-in-a-lifetime chance to get the woman you love and who has just grown a human being with half of your chromosomes inside of her belly and subsequently pushed it out, a little something nice. I never got a push present. The (ex)man apparently didn’t think 40 hours of labor warranted a push present because I got the frog princess out in only 2 pushes but, that’s another story for another day.

Back to the matter at hand. Ah yes! Baby showers. I love them. Not so much the games but certainly I enjoy the happiness and delirium that the couple seems to be in. Thinking that they are really going to use 32 onesies and that one very expensive playpen that will only serve as an overpriced toy box. If you ever go to a shower, start observing and see the look on the faces of mamis in the room when presents are being opened. They will give you an insight as to what’s needed and what’s not.

I actually think I might be done shopping for all of these women that I’m responsible for getting pregnant. Enter Goodie Tins! I’ve had the grand pleasure of getting one of these before and told you all about my delightful evening in the tub but what you don’t know is that they have so many more selections!

They have the sweetest little gifts for baby showers. Well, in all honesty they have the sweetest gifts period. I mean, who thinks of this?! A gift basket not really in a basket but in a tin?! Seriously, I think they stole the idea from me! Granted I hadn’t thought about it yet but I would have if given enough time and coffee. I love that they have gifts for every occasion and I especially love that they are coming out with a holiday collection.

But really, a personalized baby shower gift in a tin that’s easy to ship?! Genius! I don’t have to worry about sticking a basket in the mail (which I never do and then feel bad for shoving a gift card in its place). I pick my favorite tin, personalize it and voila!

Have you checked these out? You should! If you think they’re as awesome as I believe, I also want to tell you that you can vote for them in the SheKnows Parenting Awards of 2012. They are in the baby shower category. I’ll make it easy for you, click here and when you get to the page, scroll down to shower gifts, find Goodie Tins and click on the vote button. It would mean the world to me and to them.

So, which Goodie Tin are you going to get?

Disclosure: I did not receive anything for this post other than the good feeling of telling you about a great product that I totally dig and spreading the word about great mamipreneurs making it happen!