Learning to Juggle

I am sitting here after finally getting the frog princess down for her nap.  I am so happy she's napping I don't know what to do next.  I have a mile-long list of to do's and don't know where to start. I feel exhausted and really just want to nap right along with her!  The Man is working this weekend and so, it's just the baby and I. Before you say "get off the computer", blogging is on my list! I have been slacking big time and haven't had as much umph to put thoughts on "paper" lately.  I blame the stupid grief. Which is also another reason I feel completely overwhelmed!

I know that "all" will never be done but, how about some? Can I get the books finally culled through and organized? Is it possible for my clothes to go into the closet so that I can finally see what's missing from my wardrobe? And, can my child stop growing just long enough for me to swap clothes in and out of her closet?

And in the midst of all that, there's the day-to-day "shtuff" that is draining at best.  Can I just crawl back in bed and get woken up next week?  I always thought I was a good juggler.  But it seems as if the little objects of life have been replaced with 10 pound bowling balls that I can barely get off the ground and if dropped, will surely mangle my feet.  And then how will I run around behind the frog princess as we pretend to be in a marching band?

There is such little time to spend with her.  I try to soak it all in on the weekends. Putting down the dishrag when she taps me so that I can chase her.  Laughing when she comes by while I am preoccupied and speaking into the remote control that doubles as a phone. Crying when she stops, walks up, throws her arms around me and pats my right shoulder (it is cute at first but deeply moving once you realize your little baby girl is trying to comfort you and succeeding in ways that most adults can't).  So perhaps in writing this I've answered my own question and should put down the balls and pick up the child.

But, I still want to know how you can get it all done. You know, in case I decide I want to go that route.