The Beleh Swagger

I just got wind that Shell over at Things I Can't Say is talkin' 'bout rockin' the bump! Thanks to The Mommyologist for posting her awesome big beleh pic! You look fantastic! Ya'll, I'm not even going to lie. I felt all beautiful and sexy with my beleh! Maybe it was the hormones and perhaps I was the only one who felt the hotness for my changing body but, I embraced it! Here are some pics taken by the awesome Mr. Zach Taylor!

I never did newborn pics because I didn't think far enough ahead to actually book this before the frog princess got here and I didn't think the hospital shots were going to make me look at all like a human being. I kinda regret that but, I am SO glad I went to take these a week before the baby made her grand entrance!

So, whaddaya think?