Mami Ink


The flower symbolism associated with the bird of paradise flower is freedom, good perspective, faithfulness. It symbolizes joyfulness. It also symbolizes magnificence and can also be used to indicate exciting and wonderful anticipation. The deed is done! Last Friday, I officially became a badass mami! I kinda like the sounds of that. For the record, I wasn't a lightweight before this. Just sayin'! Someone asked me what gang I was in. I'd have to say I'm in the badass mami gang where if you don't behave you'll get sent to bed early without a snack (gasp!).

But seriously, let me tell you about the color. It took an hour and a half. Thankfully, The Trinity Tattoo Company is mad chill. I mean that figuratively and literally. At one point in time I felt like my teeth were going to start chattering. I didn't want people to think it was from the pain. I was freezing! This could be attributed to the fact that I'm a skinny bitch, though. I can't say enough about the atmosphere there! And the place is clean and neat which is always a plus. I mean who wants to be half naked getting a tattoo in a place that isn't pristine, right? What am I, 20?! I'm saying if you are in town and need to get work done, this is the place for you, my friend!

I had no idea what colors Jorge would be using. Obviously, I knew what colors the flower had but I didn't know what he would do with the overall image. We talked about it before I sat down and I told him to just do whatever he thought was best. I'm glad I did because he made some changes on the spot from what we discussed and I think it's the reason my tat looks so great. This is what working with a professional is like.

On to the details you wanna hear. It hurt. I'm not going to lie. But it's not like I ever expected it not to. At times, I found it particularly...what's the word? Irritating? When Jorge was working right around the crease of my shoulder blade. Wouldn't you know it, that's where all the colors merge! I don't regret it though. I adore what it looks like and cannot wait for it to heal! Speaking of healing, here's mami's list of tattoo care:

  1. Wash it two hours after leaving the shop. I like to use a baby's washcloth because it's soft and gentle. Warm water is going to sting so, man up for that too!
  2. Have sufficient t-shirts available because you will get a crazy patch of Aquaphor on everything you wear
  3. Bras should be optional when getting a back tattoo
  4. If at all possible, just walk around topless in order to not dirty up your clothes AND for comfort (note: this should only be done indoors)
  5. Leaving your little girl to stand behind you is NOT a good idea especially when her favorite game to play is "let me throw myself on mami's back with a running start and giggle" OUCH!
  6. Keep it moist, people! Do you really want to be walking around with a crusty tattoo? I don't think so!
  7. If you have white sheets on your bed, either change them to a dark color OR make sure you put a towel down. When I got my outline, all of my shirts had cool black ink on them
  8. Whatever you do: DON'T SCRATCH! I have developed a really cute shimmy that I like to perform when I'm itchy. Most people think I'm dancing in celebration but I'm really just letting my clothes scratch my back!

Here's the picture of the tattoo from Friday. And one from Saturday. Special thanks to my Mac preview which allows me flip my images over as I took the 2nd pic in the mirror. I have since tried taking a better pic but, do you know how difficult it is for you to take a picture of your own back without having an exhibitionist nipple peeking out from under your arm waving hello? I can tell you: it is damn near impossible! I'm afraid of posting any more of them in case I miss it like Elaine did in the Seinfeld episode with the nipple and the Christmas card.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make a list of what badass mamis do! Who has ink and what does it mean to you?!

PS: during the time when the tattoo was hurting the most as I was thinking about the fact that at that moment, there was a needle going into my skin, I got a flashback of me holding mami's hand. Whenever she had to get a needle in her port, she'd always want to hold my hand and she would look into my eyes as if she was drawing strength from me. I would do the countdown for her and let her know when the deed was done. I almost cried when I thought about it because I could remember the feel of her warm hand in mine, gripping. I remember the nurses thought it was sweet. It's now one of the most precious memories I have. Every time I look down at this tattoo I feel like she is smiling down on me.