Mami Swagger: Derby Style

[box type="shadow" ]Disclosure: I was provided with some of these products in order to review. Please see below for details.[/box] I was off to Seattle for a few days this past week (I'll tell you about that later). When I got back I really looked forward to the Kentucky Derby Soiree. Why, you ask? I was going to get to dress up!

And dress up I did! I have not felt that good about how I looked in a while. Having the issues I've had in the past few months has meant that frumpy and blah were the norm around here.

The Ensemble

I created a collection on eBay for all the hat options. Truth be told, I got two of them.


While shopping for an Easter dress for the Frog Princess, I came across a black and white dress. I took it as a sign. At a whopping $16.99 (Burlington Coat Factory), I could not in good conscience leave it at the store. Especially since it was a perfect match for the hat!

The shoes had to pop and so, I took to social media to get some votes on which pair I should buy.


The Michael Antonio Love Me Bright Patent Platform Pump won (#2).

The Makeup

I use the Neutrogena SkinClearing Liquid Makeup. But before the makeup, I've been trying out the shine control primer that seems to work for me.

Yanira (like every other beauty blogger I come across) has been horrified at my tales of what exactly lurks in my "makeup bag". She took pity on me and sent me these great Mary Kay brushes and cool eye shadow that I thought would be fantastic: springy duo.


I took close up pictures of my makeup and decided to burn them (beauty bloggers, please feel free to leave me directions/instructions that lead me to take pics that don't make me look like you can land a plane on my forehead, thanks).

Let's just say it looked good. I paired the eye shadow with:

Nails had to be done to the nines as well. Pop of color was the name of the game. And so, Pure Ice's After Hours with the awesometastic It's Complicated (sparkles) completed the look.


Derby Day

These are pics from Derby Day. I felt like I was in a photo shoot. I also didn't want to show too many pics of other folks since I didn't ask them (do I need a release for this stuff? People should know if I take a pic, it's probably going up somewhere).

To say I felt fantastic is an understatement. I was reminded of the Mom Sexy post I did a few years back about taking time for you. If you're a Mami you know that's not something that you do often. Leading up to Mother's Day, I felt this was a great reminder to not abandon myself, as Mami used to say.

The one thing you don't see here is the perfume I wore. I got giddy when I heard that Sofia Vergara had a fragrance out. When it finally got to my greedy little hands, I fell instantly in love.

Unfortunately, we don't have smell-o-vision yet. And so, you will have to make due with winning your very own bottle of Sofia. You're welcome. Smooches!

[box type="shadow" ]Disclosure: I was provided samples of the following to review:

  • L'Oreal products
  • Sofia Vergara fragrance
  • Pure Ice nail polish from Influenster

No additional compensation was received other than the pleasure of playing with dress up.[/box]

Stilettos and Sponsors (#SMLatinas)

You heard me tell you all about BlogHer, about how I do some of my follow ups and about my favorite party last week. I was going through emails, Tweets and pictures today and thought I should put up a note about the Kick Off Your Heels party. Don't worry, I know you're all busy with the Manic Mondays and whatnot.

I wanted to let you know that sometimes parties like that (and parties that you might attend) come together because there's one person with an awesome idea. That would be the fantabulous Ms. Latina herself, Migdalia.  Following that, though, it takes sponsors who not only believe the wild and crazy ideas that you have but are just as excited (if not more).  So I could not let the wave of conferencing pass without sending my deepest thanks to some pretty awesome people.

If you saw my pretty sexy leg with the cool Stiletto tattoo, that was all Glitter Tattoo NY. I'm kinda mad they're not in my town although I suspect Corena would get sick of me calling and requesting special stencils for random use. Like for bachelorette parties or how cute would it be for a babyshower?! The possibilities are endless!

During the course of BlogHer, if you saw me and thought: how is she still wearing lipstick?! Well, that's because I was sporting some Outlast All-Day Lipcolor my friends!  I will say it has passed most tests though I am still looking for a subject to try out the whole "kiss proof" claim (wink wink). CoverGirl hooked me up and I am glad they did because I may or may not have left my lipstick bag in the hot car back in Florida when I flew out that morning.

And when I heard that Avocados From Mexico would be sponsoring this party I just knew I was going to walk out of there either sick from eating too many aguacates or hunched over as I carried a sack of them back to the hotel room. Alas, neither of those things happened. But, I found another site to supplement my Avocado Obsession where I can get recipes, coupons and more AND, I got these babies:

I have considered wearing them since I got back but I'm afraid my child will attempt to eat my ears as I've recently discovered (thanks to my unselfish sharing) that the frog princess loves avocados as much as I do. So much so that tonight she had the nerve to ask me for aguacate at bedtime. I'm sure there's a book in there somewhere!

All in all, I am so happy that I was able to attend this party. But, along with feeling all the good feelings towards my fellow Bloggy friends, I was reminded about the relationships that we maintain with brands.

I am thankful to these brands along with HP and Sweet Pickles. And not just because of the goodies in the bags but because of the opportunity to develop long-term relationships both with other bloggers and with them.

Disclosure: As a member of the Stiletto Media Blogger Network, my trip to the VIP Latina Blogger Event was sponsored, but as always, my thoughts and words are my own.