De-cluttering From the Inside Out

(or, how I'm simplifying my life...) I stopped mopping so I could write this. The frog princess is asleep. I think I finally have the energy to do this. To make a fresh start. To de-clutter my life. I'm hopeful and excited at the possibilities. Maybe you can accompany me on my journey? If not, it's okay. I'll be dragging you along...

As many of you know, I am a praying woman. Today, I started mopping and picked up on my praying as the house is quiet and I figured this is my version of yoga these days.  What you may not know is that, I pray for everything. From keeping my baby safe and healthy to finding a parking spot! This past year has brought struggles that, at the very least, managed to strengthen my faith. I realize that there's no thing too small that it shouldn't be prayed about.

One of my deep down dreams is to have a clutter-free home. That includes the closets, the garage, the cabinets.  When I moved into this house 2 years ago, I was pregnant and put on bedrest shortly thereafter. My secret wish was to leave the clutter from the other house in the garage and clear that away bit by bit so as not to bring it into the home. Well, that didn't really work. Then came the baby and, I don't have to explain what happens then.  Following that, mami's illness.  All of that left me with little time to organize.  Mami was always my partner in crime on projects like this and when she got sick, we weren't able to partner up though we'd certainly talk about it.  As I prayed today I was mopping by the front closet and the title of this blog popped into my head.

I am starting with the inside. Not just personally (I feel as if I'm at an impasse in my life in general and this clutter is a clear reflection of my feelings on the inside).  I am going to start with the closets, the drawers and the cabinets in my home. As I talked to God about all this I realized (or perhaps He was telling me) that for me to have order on the outside, I must have organization on the inside. Why, you ask?

Well, if I don't have room in my closet, let's say, for the things in the garage, where will they go? If I don't organize that closet, I'll just end up stuffing things in there. Later on, how will I find what I need? How will I have the security that I know where my things are ordered or that I even have a certain thing? Because of the space that I find myself in, I am realizing this applies to life in general.  Have you ever wasted time looking for something that you just knew you had but weren't able to find? How did that make you feel? How much time did you waste? How angry or upset did you get? All because things weren't in a set place. And then sometimes you go out and buy another "thing" only to find it later. Wasting time AND money.  Life's too short (and my bank account to small), if you ask me.

I will begin in the places where no one can see. Organize my papers (thoughts), find room for where things need to go or throw them out (clearing my space). Purchase containers that will hold whatever I wish to keep so that things are organized (giving value to the things that truly mean something to me). Then, I can start de-cluttering the rest of the house because I will have room for all of the things I wish to have around me instead of not being able to have/get those things because my house is filled with so much "shtuff" that I have no room for the things that I am meant to have. My house is a direct metaphor for my heart, my soul, my mind.

And I know my life will be all the better for it. Let the blessings pour out. But I realize that it needs to be at the right time. I'm ready now. So, let's make it happen! Are you trying to de-clutter your life? And if so, what steps are you taking to make it happen?