Pissing Match

For the last couple of weeks, the frog princess has been leaking at night. Well, she hasn't, the diaper has. Now let me say that I am a loyal fan of Pampers. I used swaddlers with her and moved on to baby dry when she started wearing bigger sizes. Now, she used to have accidents sometimes which was understandable because my baby drinks a ton of water. Here's the thing, all of a sudden it's been happening REGULARLY and I've especially noticed that it's been with this last box of diapers. She's in a size 4. The big problem is that in the last week, she's been waking up in the middle of the night crying and all wet. So her sleep was disturbed as was mine.

This past weekend I just had it! I was pissed (pun totally intended). I posted a frustrated tweet on Sunday night. Funny enough, Pampers replied and asked that I call. After explaining the situation, I was told to go ahead and move her up to a size 5 because they are more absorbent and also that I should pick up the overnighters. Because I'm only halfway through my current box of size 4's, Pampers said they'd send me some coupons for diapers which I appreciated. But mostly, I just want my baby to not wake up wet. Their advice went a long way.

I grabbed some size 5's which seem to be working. Publix did not have Pampers overnighters but they did have Huggies so I grabbed those because at 6:30 I can't possibly go store hopping to look for the brand. The size 5's are working well during the day. Night 1 of the Huggies and she woke up a little wet though not in the middle of the night. I was grateful for the night's sleep and not having to change sheets and jammies and cleaning my frog princess up. Night 2, she woke up dry with the Huggies and I was VERY happy.

Today is the 3rd night and I felt like I was dressing one of the astronauts. She thought it was hilarious as I poked, prodded and ensured that she was tightened in the right places, equally covered, etc. I've never taken so much care to put on a diaper as I did tonight. When I get my coupons I will try the Pampers Overnighters.

I don't know about you but, I am VERY brand loyal and especially with the things that I use on my baby girl. I'm a Pampers girl all the way and especially after seeing that they took the care to reach out to make sure that my frustration was handled. Good customer service goes a long way!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Of course, this begs the question as I am about to embark on potty training: has the pissing match just begun? What do you guys do when you have leaky diapers? What type of diapers do you use? Which ones are your favorites? Here's hoping to a piss free night!

The Correlation Between Diapers and Wine

...there is one, you know. Let me tell you how. Last night I rush over after work to pick up the frog princess who is out of diapers. Now, normally "out of diapers" for means that there's a half dozen in her bag and at least 3 in my house and at my parents (where the nanny watches her). Well, this week, out of diapers meant, I may have 2 at home and one in the bag. So off I go to CVS, too close to her bedtime for me to be comfortable.

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