Trying To Leave My Mark With Some Ink


It started as off-hand comments in conversation. How I could turn an idea into a full fledged to do list and business plan. After I started my blog I added social media to my list of things I'm proficient at (and enjoy).  I'd always written but the blog made me "official".  So, it was only a matter of time before things took shape.

And this is the reason I'm glad I was let go last September. Because that was probably the biggest blessing I'd received though things haven't exactly been easy. It propelled me forward to create a vision after I had a chance to breathe, grieve and rejoice.  Out of these months of introspection, chatter with a lot of you, constant prayer with the Almighty and quality time with the frog princess, I have taken the plunge.

It hasn't been easy and it has been a long time in coming but, it is right on time.  In a few short days I will be launching Mami Ink Media.  My second baby.  I will be offering some of these services that you may

already know about.  But, I will be expanding on some of the services as well.

I wanted to tell you about the name. Originally, it was set to be Mami Inc Media.  After setting up my FB page in advance of sending in my documents to register as a limited liability company (note: never do that!) it turns out I couldn't have the letters INC in the name of a company that's not a corporation. Sure, it makes perfect sense after I said that but before then, it had not even crossed my mind.

I rushed to get the name changed knowing that Lynne had already worked on the logo and would surely kill me.  She didn't. As a matter of fact, she got to work on it as soon as I let her know the issue.  Fast forward to maybe 10 days later. I am having lunch with my girl Regina and we are on Pinterest on my mamiPad (don't judge).  She sees the original logo and compliments me on it. And there I go on a

rant about the name and how it had to be changed.  Without batting an eye this woman says "oh man, too bad you didn't just change the C to a K! It would make sense to have it say Ink since you write and it would tie in to your services". Again: why did I not think of this?!?

I want this to serve as a reminder that sometimes we are too close to see the obvious (what is it that they say about forests and trees?).  So off I went to buy my THIRD domain name and write to the powers that be explaining that I wanted a name change (and throwing in a check to prove I was serious).


I have Regina to thank for the name. I kicked myself a million times because if you've been following me for any extended period of time, that phrase "Mami Ink" may seem familiar since I wrote a post with the same name (several, actually) when I got my tattoo done at the beginning of the year.  See, how things work sometimes?

I have no idea where this will take me.  No clue as to how things will work out. But I know that I have to try. Make a concerted effort to live out my own dreams while helping others achieve theirs.

There will be all kinds of announcements, tweets, posts, etc when I launch this week but I just wanted to share the story of how this came to be.  Because whether you realize it or not, you played a big part in getting me to this road that I am on.  And I wanted to say thank you.

Here's a link to the site which you can't see yet.  And, go and like the FB page if you have a moment.  Oh and don't forget Twitter.

And if you need me to help you make your mark in the world, now you'll know where to find me.


Following Your Dream: Stepping Out on Faith


If you've been around since my redesign, you know that in my services page I offer something called Dream Coaching.  It's my way of helping others reach for their dreams and help provide them with tools to make them happen because I find that most times, many of us have a seed of a dream deep in our souls that would fulfill our purpose but don't water it with positivity or a fertilize it with a plan.  Those happen to be some of my strengths and I harness that in order to make sure that my clients shine through and make their dreams into reality. Some days, though, I have to dig deep down inside myself and all of the tools I recommend, talk about and use, in order to get centered. Today was one of those days. After a few recent conversations, I've started wondering if I'm doing the right thing. If, indeed, I should be trying with all my might to create a brand for myself which will allow me to: write, help others and give me the flexibility to spend more time with the frog princess.

Let's be clear. I no longer have steady income after the layoff.  I wake up to hugs and kisses and can watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse without rushing around trying to get us ready to leave the house any longer.  I've met some awesome people and have had some great experiences during this time but, am I being responsible? Should I put my dream on hold, run back into whatever role I can find in corporate America so that I can make damn near six figures again? Is that success? Is that happiness?

I'm taking a BIG risk. I'm a single mother. I will be 37 next month (holy shit!).  What am I doing!?!

I'm stepping out on faith.  And I'm not looking back. I have felt calm all this time in my decision.  I can't help others achieve their dreams if I do not achieve mine, right? So, as is my usual routine, I had a few conversations with people in my life who are not afraid to tell me the truth (you need at least one of those. I guess I got extra lucky that I have about 6! ;-) ).  I read a book by one of my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho and then I turned to my Stepping Stones.  These are quotes and excerpts from Lisa Hammond's book Dream Big! which I highly recommend to my clients and which has personally given me profound inspiration to continue on dreaming.

Here are some of my favorite which are marked for easy access during days like this:

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our live." - Annie Dillard (doesn't that just scare you half to death?)

"The most important thing you will ever do is become who you were meant to be.  Blossom into yourself." - Lisa Hammond

"Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible." - Robin Morgan (and ain't I just the absurdest at the moment?)

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anais Nin

"We always attract into our lives whatever we think about most, believe most strongly, expect on the deepest level, and imagine most vividly." - Shakti Gawain (I've tried this with brownies to see if they will magically appear on my kitchen counter but I don't think it's meant to work for desserts.)

"We can never see the path of our life if we are too busy focusing on the pebbles under our feet." - Anonymous (I think of this one often when I look at what I brought in with unemployment in the last 3 months of the year and how all of that was less than what I'd net out of one pay period before. But you know what? I have wanted for nothing during this time and for that I feel blessed and grateful!)

I guess I write this tonight because I wouldn't be a good coach if I didn't understand the fears, the hesitation and the pressure that we sometimes feel as we move forward and try to achieve a dream that perhaps can only be seen fully and clearly through our eyes.

What dreams do you have for yourself and how long will it be until you attempt what might seem absurd to someone else?

*Stay tuned! I will be expanding my services in the coming weeks.  Social media management anyone?